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Taber® Abrader Instrument Accessories
Taber® Abraser Accessories Taber® Industries
Taber® provides many accessory items to improve all facets of abrasion testing.
In these times of ever increasing emphasis on QA and QC, productivity and cost effectiveness have also been at the forefront.
The Taber® accessories are not only oriented toward improving test results, but efficiency as well!
Taber® Model 250 Diamond Wheel Refacer
Accuracy and precision require that the abrading wheels be ‘trued’ prior to testing. The Diamond Wheel Refacer is used to precisely dress the Calibrade® wheels used on the abraders. Taber® Diamond Wheel Refacer
Calibrade®, or vitrified wheels, are subject to "clogging" and "crowning" during routine use. The wheels must be refaced in pairs to ensure identical diameters.
The refacing diamond is mounted in an adjustable diamond tool holder supported by a shielded traversing slide.
The slide is moved by a feed screw and ball crank handle. The vacuum is connected to the Refacer to collect the residual abrasive particles and dust.
Adobe® PDF File Taber® Model 250 Wheel Refacer: Specifications and Detailed Description
Model 250 Optional Accessories include:
  1. Larger ImageSingle Point Diamond Tool [P/N 131543];
  2. Larger ImageMultiple Point Diamond Tool [P/N 131661] used to reface H-38 Calibrade© Wheels.
Model 200 Optional Accessories include:
  1. Larger ImageSingle Point Diamond Tool [P/N 128990] for Refacer Model 9800-10;
  2. Larger ImageSingle Point Diamond Tool [P/N 120947] for Refacer Model 9800-10;
  3. Larger ImageMultiple Point Diamond Tool [P/N 125608] for Refacer Model 9800-10, used to reface H-38 Calibrade© Wheels.
Refacing Media for Taber® Rotary Platform Abraders:
  1. Larger ImageRefacing Stone ST—11 [P/N 125777] a vitrified composition disc consisting of a coarse side (80 grit) and a fine side (180 grit).
  2. Larger ImageRefacing Media S—11 [P/N 121102] 150 grit abrasive paper.
Taber® Model 155 Grit Feeder
The Model 155 Grit Feeder Attachment [P/N 980503—1] is a durable, precision built test instrument designed to evaluate the resistance of various materials to abrasion. Taber® Model 155 Grit Feeder
Leather wheels replace regular wheels on the abrader and are supplied with each Grit Feeder. The device feeds aluminum oxide onto the specimen before it passes under the leather wheels.
The integral vacuum pickup system continuously collects the abraded material and used grit after passing under both wheels.
The loose grit serves as an abradant and aids in the rolling action that contributes to the physical breakdown of materials.
Designed for testing flooring material, this unit has expanded uses in modern composite and manmade material testing.
Adobe® PDF File Taber® Model 155 Grit Feeder: Specifications and Detailed Description
Taber® Model 255 Grit Feeder
The Model 255 [P/N 980503—2] Grit Feeder Attachment, with an adjustable feed rate, feeds grit of various sizes onto the specimen before it passes under abrading wheels.
Using a vacuum pick-up system, incorporated in the unit, the abraded material and used grit are continuously removed. Taber® Accessories
The Model 255 features:
  1. Positioning on either side of the abrader;
  2. Two grit feeders can be used with the dual head models;
  3. Easy-to-use adjustment accommodates thicker samples.
Taber® Model 155 / 255 Optional Accessories include:
  1. Larger ImageS—38 Standardization Plates [P/N 121257];
  2. Larger ImageS—41 #240 Aluminum Oxide Abradant [P/N 121086];
  3. Larger ImageS—40 U.S. Standard #80 Sieve [P/N 125629];
  4. Larger ImageS—39 Replacement Leather Wheels [P/N 125529];
  5. Larger ImageStatic Eliminator [P/N 125610];
  6. Larger ImageE140—14 Rimmed Specimen Holders [P/N 121155];
  7. Larger ImageE140—75 Rimmed Specimen Holders [P/N 125604].
Adobe® PDF File Taber® Model 155 Grit Feeder: Specifications and Detailed Description
Taber® Clean-Up Hose
Larger ImageClean—Up Hose [P/N 129280]
Using the vacuum only feature on your Taber® Abrader, this simple accessory makes clean-up a ‘breeze’... the hose mounts to the rear vacuum nozzle opening. The small brush is ideal for cleaning test specimens, the abrader, or the work area without disconnecting the vacuum hose.
Taber® Clean Up Hose
Taber® ‘Quiet Cabinet’
The ‘Quiet Cabinet’ reduces sound levels, which are typically in the range of 78 db, by as much as 20% and provides a convenient, dust-free work space for the Taber® Abraser. Taber®‘Quiet Cabinet’
The standard unit is 120 VAC, 60 Hz and is also available in a 230 VAC 50/60 Hz CE marked unit. The ‘Quiet Cabinet’ may be purchased as a complete set (top & bottom), or individually as the top half only, or bottom half only.
The vacuum pick-up system, incorporated in the unit, continuously removes airborne dust and particles. The Clean-Up hose attachment (above) allows the operator to remove accumulated material.
The ‘Quiet Cabinet’ can be purchased either as a complete unit, or the top and bottom may be purchased individually:
  1. Larger ImageQuiet Cabinet — complete (115 VAC/60 Hz) [P/N 128372];
  2. Larger ImageQuiet Cabinet — complete (230 VAC/50 Hz) [P/N 129497];
  3. Larger ImageQuiet Cabinet — top [P/N 128370];
  4. Larger ImageQuiet Cabinet — bottom (115 VAC/60 Hz) [P/N 128371];
  5. Larger ImageQuiet Cabinet — bottom (230 VAC/50 Hz) [P/N 129498];
Adobe® PDF File Taber® Quiet Cabinet: Specifications and Detailed Description
Taber® Model 503—13 Scuffing Head Attachment
The Scuffing Head Attachment is used to determine the resistance to scuffing of materials such as vinyl, leather, leatherette, luggage compartment mats, etc. Taber® Scuffing Head Attachment
The Scuffing Head Attachments, either Type A or Type B, are mounted on the abrader in place of the abrasive wheels and weights normally used. The abrader is then operated in the normal fashion.
Ford Motor Company test method MF-MH BN-8 employs the Model 503-13 Scuffing Head Attachment. The Model 503-13-GM is available to conform to meet the specifications of GM test method GM9911P and others.
There are three standard scuffing heads:
Taber® Scuffing Head A
Type A
[P/N 120918]
Taber® Scuffing Head B
Type B
[P/N 120920]
Taber® Scuffing Head C
Type C
[P/N 127524]
  1. Larger ImageScuffing Attachment Model 503-13 [P/N 980503—13] includes:
  2. Larger ImageType ‘A’ scuffing head [P/N 120918];
  3. Larger ImageType ‘B’ scuffing head [P/N 120920];
  4. Larger Image907.2 g (2 lb.) mass [P/N 120927].
  1. Larger ImageScuffing Attachment Model 503-GM [P/N 980503—13—1] includes:
  2. Larger ImageType ‘C’ scuffing head;
  3. Larger Image453.6 g (1 lb.) mass [P/N 120927—1].
Taber® Model 966 Optical Micrometer
The Optical Micrometer allows measurements and evaluation of the width or depth of scratches, pits, blemishes and other surface features. This portable instrument has a rugged housing and easy-to-read vernier scale. The standard tripod base can be used on flat or simple curved surfaces, or optional bases are available for specific applications. Taber® Optical Micrometer
The Optical Micrometer is available in 100 x, 200 x magnification, or as a kit containing both. This instrument is capable of making non-contact depth measurements on any surface with accuracy.
Additionally, using the reticulated eyepiece, measurements of widths up to 1.02 mm (0.040 inch) are possible. The Optical Micrometer allows for the measurement of transparent materials such as glass, acrylic, etc., for thickness, depth of scratches, crazing and embedded voids.
The Optical Micrometer Kit  Larger ImageModel 966—A1 [P/N 129083] includes:
  1. 5 x and 10 x Objective Optics;
  2. 20x Eyepiece Cell;
  3. Reticle Eyepiece Cell;
  4. Five Additional Bases;
  5. Micrometer Light;
  6. Adjustable Light Bracket;
  7. Case.
Optical Micrometer Features Larger ImageModel 966 [P/N 125632—1] Larger ImageModel 966—A [P/N 125632]
Magnification 100 x 200 x
Depth Measurement 24.511 mm (0.965 inch) 6.731 mm (0.265 inch)
Height Above Surface 2.54 mm (0.100 inch)
Transparent Materials 36.754 mm (1.447 inch) 10.084 mm (0.397 inch)
Field of View ± 2.286 mm (0.090 inch) ± 1.524 mm (0.060 inch)
Accuracy ± 0.0127 mm (0.0005 inch) ± 0.00508 mm (0.0002 inch)
Taber® Model 5000 Specimen Cutter
The   Larger ImageTaber® Model 5000 Specimen Cutter [P/N 985000] is designed to cut precision specimens of 107 mm (4.2 inch) Ø with a 6 mm (0.25 inch) Ø center hole for the Taber® Abrader. Taber® Specimen Cutter
The anticlockwise cutting motion allows the cutting of a wide variety of materials. Optional cutting pads allow you to cut materials from 0.0254 mm (0.001 inch) to 6.35 mm (0.25 inch) in thickness.
Compact in design, the specimen cutter saves valuable laboratory bench space and can be conveniently located near the abrader. Although compact, the Sample Cutter is also designed for durability and safety, with a recessed cutting blade, shielded punch drive shaft, and ergonomic handle.
The cutting die is easily removed for re-sharpening or replacement.
The Taber® Model 5000 Specimen Cutter includes:
  1. Larger ImageHeavy-Duty Cutting Blades [P/N 128530];
  2. Larger Image4.75 mm Upper Pad Assembly [P/N 131569];
  3. Larger Image6.35 mm Upper Pad Assembly [P/N 131570](optional).
Adobe® PDF File Taber® Model 500 Specimen Cutter: Specifications and Detailed Description
Taber® Vacuum System
The Taber® Vacuum Unit is manufactured specifically for use with Taber® Abraders. The system incorporates a heavy duty motor with lubricated sealed bearings. The motor is mounted above a sturdy tank, keeping it clear of dust and debris. Taber® Vacuum System
A flexible suction hose connects the vacuum unit with the abrader or other accessories. A round cleanup brush aids easily removes loose debris and dust from the instrument and surrounding work area.
The Vacuum System is available in two models:
  1. Larger ImageModel 5130—70 Vacuum System, 120 VAC / 60 Hz [P/N 121127];
  2. Larger ImageModel 5131—70 Vacuum System, 230 VAC / 50 Hz [P/N 127788].
Optional accessories include:
  1. Larger ImagePaper Filter Bags, 3 each, for plastic tanks [P/N 114309];
  2. Larger ImagePaper Filter Bags, 3 each, for metal tanks [P/N 129259];
  3. Larger ImageCloth Filter Bag, 1 each [P/N 128086];
  4. Larger ImageFilter, Cartridge Type (w/ retaining ring), 1 each, [P/N 131680];
  5. Larger ImageFilter, Cartridge Type (w/o retaining ring), 1 each, [P/N 131680-1];
  6. Larger ImageFilter, Foam, 1 each, [P/N 114310];
  7. Larger ImageHose, Flexible, 1 each, [P/N 114311];
  8. Larger ImageNozzle, Vacuum, 11 mm orifices, 1 each, [P/N 132672];
  9. Larger ImageBrush, Round, 1 each, [P/N 114312];
  10. Larger ImageClean—Up Hose [P/N 129280].
Taber® Calibration Verification Kit
Larger ImageCalibration Verification Kit [P/N 132030]
The Calibration Verification Kit enables operators to check critical parameters to verify the performance of a Taber® Rotary Platform Abraser (Abrader).
Taber® Calibration Verification Kit
This fast, reliable system check identifies potential concerns, signifying when the instrument should be returned for adjustment or repair.
Information It is not intended as a substitute for regular calibration.
The Taber® Calibration Verification Kit includes:
  1. S-30 WearTrac™ Precision Wheel Set (1 pair.);
  2. S-45 Wheel Tracking Cards (pkg. 15);
  3. Vacuum Test Gauge w/Adaptor Caps & O-Ring;
  4. Dual Unit Vacuum Plug; Taber Abraser Clean-up Hose.
Taber® Arm Height Extension Kits
Larger ImageArm Height Extension Kits [P/N 132705] and [P/N 132690]
These kits permit the testing of samples up to 40 mm. Using a precision machined adaptor, the abraser arms are raised to accommodate specimens that exceed the recommended maximum thickness.
Taber® Arm Height Extension Kits
Using a reference point, tolerances are maintained to ensure correct wheel alignment and positioning.
A set of shims is also included to maintain proper position of the arms relative to the test specimen.
Information Installation requires the instrument to be returned for modification and calibration.
Taber® Arm Height Extension Kits
Haze Kit [P/N 132615]
This kit is recommended for the evaluation of haze measurements on transparent materials using a haze meter.
Image Coming Soon
Included in the kit are:
  1. modified vacuum pick-up nozzle;
  2. 2 inch soft bristle anti-static brush;
  3. 1/32 inch (0.03125 in.) vacuum gap gage pin.
The modified vacuum pick-up nozzle includes two precision machined 7/16 inch (0.4375 in.) orifices, and is electro-etched with the phrase: “Haze Test Nozzle — Modified Openings” to distinguish this nozzle from the standard version, which includes two 5/16 inch (0.3125 in.) orifices.
Miscellaneous Taber® Abrader Instrument Accessories
Part Number Description
Larger Image126108 Counterweights for Models 5130 & 5150, to reduce load on wheels by 250 g.
Larger Image131376 Counterweights for Models 5130 & 5150, to reduce load on wheels by 175 g.
Larger Image121110 Stepdown Transformer, 230 / 115 VAC, 1000 Watt, 50 / 60 Hz.
Larger Image121147 Illuminated, 5 x Magnifier, 115 VAC / VDC.
Larger Image125769 Abrading Head Weights, 500 g, 1 pair.
Larger Image125770 Abrading Head Weights, 1000 g, 1 pair.
Larger Image125734 Abrading Head Weight Set, 1000 g & 500 g, 1 pair each.
Larger Image120979 Specimen Table Hold Down Nut.
Larger Image121095 Wrench, for hold down ring screw.
Larger Image121103 Brush, soft bristle.
Larger Image132616 Brush, anti-static soft bristle, for use with haze kit.
Larger Image121150 Clamp Plate, for specimen holders .

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