Ensure your specimens meet the required standards.

Need a unique test you can’t conduct on your own? Let us handle your materials testing to ensure your specimens meet the required standards.

Ozone Testing Services

CCSi offers ozone testing services. These services provide testing at ozone concentration levels of 0-100 PPHM or 0-1000 PPM. Testing above 100 PPHM ozone concentration is not within the ISO scope.

All ozone testing is done at a temperature range of 30°-90° C. CCSi uses an OREC 0900 test chamber with internal dimensions of 30 in. x 30 in. x 30 in. The ozone testing can be combined with dynamic or static stretch testing methods. CCSi ozone testing adheres to ASTM Methods D470, D518, D1149, D1171, and D3395.

Abrasion Material Testing

Abrasion material testing by CCSi is performed with a Taber Abraser Model 5135. Tests can be run at either 60 or 72 rpm. Standard wheel loads for testing are 500 or 1000 grams. CCSi abrasion material testing adheres to ASTM Method D3389.

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