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Shore ceased all production operations in 2012 and their products are no longer available. CCSi continues to support Shore equipment in regard to service, calibration and ISO/IEC 17025 certification.


The Model S1—902 Automatic Operating Stand is now available!

It incorporates all of the features of the 902, but is specifically designed to take full advantage of the advanced electronic capabilities of the S1 durometer, including accepting the dwell time and other information.

The Shore® Model 902-S1 operating stands conform to ASTM D2240 guidelines for rate of descent and other requirements.

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Shore® Durometer Model 902 & 902-S1 Automatic Operating Stands: Features Fill 118 Copy 1 Created with Sketch.
  • Precision machined aluminum frame and black anodized cast aluminum base;
  • Beige powder coated housing for durability and ease of maintenance;
  • Precision ground shafts and linear bearings provide smooth, positive motion;
  • High quality electric motor and servos provide reliable operation and long life;
  • Removable mass for improved repeatability and reproducibility;
  • Vinyl dust cover.
Shore® Durometer Model 902 & 902-S1 Automatic Operating Stands: Specifications Fill 118 Copy 1 Created with Sketch.
Throat Depth: 83 mm (3.25 inch)
Throat Height:79 mm (3.125 inch)
Stage:152 x 182 mm (6 x 5 inch)
Down Dwell:0 to 10 s
Up Dwell:0 to 180 s
Power (Model 902) :110 VAC 60 Hz (9130—242) | 220 VAC 50 Hz (9130—243)
Power (Model S1-902): 110 VAC 60 Hz (9130—244) | 220 VAC 50 Hz (9130—245)
Weight:16 kg (35 lb.)

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