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Shore ceased all production operations in 2012 and their products are no longer available. CCSi continues to support Shore equipment in regard to service, calibration and ISO/IEC 17025 certification.


The Shore® Round Style durometer was introduced in 1944. They have been the most widely used instruments throughout the world for the hardness testing of cellular, soft and hard rubber and plastic materials. They are small enough to be carried in the pocket, yet rugged enough to operate in the most hostile environment.

The Shore® Round Style durometer was designed to satisfy industry needs for a durometer with a scale graduated in increments of one rather than the five of the Quadrant Style durometer.

Its evolution has produced a most accurate analog durometer. The Round Style durometers may be manually applied, or for better repeatability and accuracy, mounted on a Shore® operating stand.

Please refer to the Shore® Durometer Selection Guide for an explanation of Shore® model, type and scale designations, as well to assure the proper selection of the Shore® durometer to suit your specific application.

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Shore® Maximum Reading Indicator Fill 118 Copy 1 Created with Sketch.

The maximum reading indicator design is convenient in applications where the maximum reading obtained may not be easily or immediately observed. It is also useful in eliminating errors caused by focal parallax, even in laboratory situations.

The maximum reading indicator follows the indicating pointer and maintains its position after the maximum result is attained until it is reset by the operator. The maximum reading indicator imposes very little resistance and does not appreciably effect the determinations attained.

However, the coefficient of drag imposed is such that this option is not available on durometer types having a spring force of 113 grams or less.

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The tolerance indicator design is ideally suited for applications where the test determinations are within a range of acceptability.

The bright red, easily visible, tolerance indicators may be adjusted to the desired high—low range, representing user defined upper and lower control limits.

The tolerance indicators improve speed, accuracy, and precision while greatly reduce operator error, especially in high volume testing situations.

The tolerance indicators are “passive”, in that they do not contact the indicating hand, and do not influence the durometer operation or test determinations.

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The Constant Load Option incorporates a large two inch square presser foot and a mass which can be detached to accommodate storage and mounting on an operating stand.

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The Half Inch Foot Option employs an extended half inch diameter presser foot to accommodate specimens that may not ordinarily be tested with the standard rectangular presser foot configuration.

Shore® Round Style Durometer: Features Fill 118 Copy 1 Created with Sketch.
  • Rugged die cast aluminum frame;
  • Stainless steel coil mainspring;
  • Glass dial face;
  • Durable TFE (Teflon®) bushings;
  • Integral indentor guard;
  • Precision independent movement which allows critical span adjustment;
  • Rugged vinyl covered steel storage case;
  • Silicone rubber test block.
Shore® Round Style Durometers: Specifications Fill 118 Copy 1 Created with Sketch.
Types:A, B, C, D, DO, O, OO, OOO—S, & T
Presser Foot:35 x 19 mm (1.375 x 0.75 inch)
Pointer Sweep:265º
Scale:0 — 100, 1 Point Graduations
Weight:220 g
Standards:ASTM D2240 | ISO 868 & ISO 7619 | DIN 53505 (A & D) | JIS K6253 (A & C) | Asker C / SRIS0101

Note: DIN & JIS Types are special orders.

Certificate of calibration is included.

Shore® Round Style Durometers: Pricing Information (ASTM & ISO ROUND STYLE DUROMETERS) Fill 118 Copy 1 Created with Sketch.
Part NumberModelScaleDescription
407030000 XAAStandard Models
407030100 XBBStandard Models
407030200 XCCStandard Models
407030300XDDStandard Models
407030400 XDODOStandard Models
407030500 XOOStandard Models
407030600XOOOOStandard Models
407030800 XOOO-SOOO-SStandard Models
407030700 XTT1Concave Contact Foot
407040000XAMXAMaximum Indicator (MX)
407040200XCMXCMaximum Indicator (MX)
407040300 XDMXDMaximum Indicator (MX)
407040400 XDOMXDOMaximum Indicator (MX)
407040500XOMXOMaximum Indicator (MX)
407041000 XACLAConstant Load (CL)
407041100 XACLMXAConstant Load (CL)
407041200XATHATolerance Indicator
407041300XAHAFAHalf Inch Contact Foot (HAF)
407041400XAMXHAF AHalf Inch Contact Foot (HAF)
407041900XDHAFDHalf Inch Contact Foot (HAF)
407042000XDMXHAFDHalf Inch Contact Foot (HAF)
407042200XDOMXHAFDOHalf Inch Contact Foot (HAF)
407042300 XOHAFOHalf Inch Contact Foot (HAF)
407042400 XOMXHAF OHalf Inch Contact Foot (HAF)
407042500 XOOHAFOOHalf Inch Contact Foot (HAF)

1 Shore® Type T is not yet ASTM approved.

Shore® Round Style Durometers: Pricing Information (JIS K6253 ROUND STYLE DUROMETERS) Fill 118 Copy 1 Created with Sketch.
Part Number ModelScale Description
407042600JXAJIS A Standard Model
407042700 JXAMXJIS A Maximum Indicator
407042800JXAHAFJIS A Half Inch Contact Foot
407042900JXAMXHAFJIS A Maximum Indicator & Half Inch Contact Foot
407043000JXCJIS C Standard Model
407043100JXCMXJIS C Maximum Indicator

Shore® Round Style Durometers: Pricing Information (SRIS0101 (ASKER) ROUND STYLE DUROMETERS) Fill 118 Copy 1 Created with Sketch.
Part Number ModelScaleDescription
405020000 FWCAsker C Standard Model
405030000FWCHAF Asker C Half Inch Contact Foot

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