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Shore® Durometer Cases
Replacement Shore® Durometer Cases These new durometer cases feature a stamped steel clam shell design, tightly covered with an attractive leather—look, durable vinyl to prevent rust and reduce the adverse effects of harsh environmental factors.
The chrome finished latch and aluminum shell trim ensure secure closure. The high density foam inner—liner is custom formed to secure most Shore® durometer styles, as well as the accompanying test blocks. S1 Replacement Shore® Durometer Case
Securing your durometer in a high quality case when it is not in use will reduce inadvertent damage and loss of components ... an investment in quality test determinations, the instrument, and reduced maintenance intervals!
Shore® Rubber Test Block Kits
Shore® Rubber Test Block Kit The Shore® Rubber Test Block Kit is designed to be used as a ready reference for determining the day—to—day operational status of durometers.
The kit consists of 7 elastomeric color coded discs, compounded to yield Type A, M or IRHD nominal durometer hardness values of 30; 40; 50; 60; 70; 80; and 85. They are fitted into an attractive and durable vinyl covered steel case.
The test block set should be calibrated annually as the hardness values change over time. The test blocks may also be purchased individually (please indicate nominal value when ordering) as replacements to a set, or as a single point reference.
Shore® Metal Test Blocks
The Shore® Metal Test Block, now discontinued, was designed to be used as a ‘quick check’ for ascertaining the operational status of individual durometers having a mainspring of 822 gf or greater. Shore® Metal Test Block
The metal test block, which was originally supplied with older Shore® durometers, was unique to each durometer that it accompanied. When the durometer was calibrated, the metal test block was adjusted to that durometer (the parent), so that when applied, the parent durometer would read 50 durometer units. It was not valid for use with any other durometer.
ASTM D2240 recommends that the metal test block be replaced with an elastomeric test block when the durometer is returned for calibration.
Shore® Operating Stand Oil
Shore® Operating Stand Oil Shore® Operating Stand Oil is designed specifically for used in the Shore® Model CV, 714 and 717 hydraulically dampened operating stands.
The convenient 4 ounce bottle comes with a detachable fill tube (not shown). When the operating stand is returned for service, the fill tube is used to evacuate the cylinder prior to shipping, then used to refill the cylinder just prior to return to service. It is important to purge the air from the cylinder prior to use.
All hydraulic type operating stands require routine calibration and maintenance. This is often overlooked in laboratory instrument calibration programs. They are critical to the accurate and precise determination of hardness values, controlling the rate of descent, applied force, and angle of contact.
ASTM D2240 now specifies the rate of descent and the perpendicularity of the specimen support table to the durometer support shaft. It is imperative that all operating stands are periodically serviced and calibrated to conform to these stringent requirements.
Shore® Parts and Accessories Pricing
Part Number Description Individual RFQs
9130—039 S1 Modular Durometer Carrying Case Please Submit a RFQ
407350400 DuroTronic™ Digital Durometer Case Please Submit a RFQ
9130—201 Quadrant Style Durometer Case Please Submit a RFQ
9130—202 Round Style Durometer Case Please Submit a RFQ
407143001 Test Block Kit Type A Please Submit a RFQ
407143002 Test Block Kit Type IRHD Please Submit a RFQ
407143003 Test Block Kit Type M Please Submit a RFQ
407143300 Test Block 30, White Please Submit a RFQ
407143400 Test Block 40, Yellow Please Submit a RFQ
407143500 Test Block 50, Blue Please Submit a RFQ
407143600 Test Block 60, Green Please Submit a RFQ
407143700 Test Block 70, Red Please Submit a RFQ
407143800 Test Block 80, Brown Please Submit a RFQ
407143900 Test Block 90, Black Please Submit a RFQ
407123300 Operating Stand Oil (4 oz) w/ bottle Please Submit a RFQ
Shore® Replacement Indentors
The indentor is a critical component of the durometer, wear or damage will result in inaccurate test determinations. It is highly recommended that the indentor be replaced at each calibration interval, or when it suspected that damage has occurred.
Replacement of the indentor should only be performed by qualified calibration technicians, variance in indentor extension as little as 0.001 inch will cause dramatic differences in the determinations achieved.
Type A
Type D
 Shore® Type A Indentor · Configuration: 30º Cut Cone
· Diameter: 1.40 Ø mm
· Extension: 2.54 mm
· ASTM D2240: Types A & C
· ISO 868 & 7619: Type A
Shore® Type D Indentor · Configuration: 35º Cone
· Diameter: 1.40 Ø mm
· Extension: 2.54 mm
· ASTM D2240: Types B & D
· ISO 868 & 7619: Type D
Type E
Type M
Shore® Type E Indentor · Configuration: 2.5 mm SR
· Diameter: 4.5 Ø mm
· Extension: 2.54 mm
· ASTM D2240: Type E
· ISO 7619: Type E
 Shore® Type M Indentor · Configuration: 30º Cone
· Diameter: 0.79 Ø mm
· Extension: 1.25 mm
· ASTM D2240: Type M
· ISO 7619: Type M
Type O
Type OOO—S
Shore® Type O Indentor · Configuration: 1.20 mm SR
· Diameter: 2.40 Ø mm
· Extension: 2.54 mm
· ASTM D2240: Types DO, O & OO
· Shore®: Type T
Shore® Type OOO-S Indentor · Configuration: 10.7 mm SR
· Diameter: 12.0 Ø mm
· Extension: 5.0 mm
· ASTM D2240: Type OOO-S
· Shore®: Formerly Type OOO
Shore® Replacement Indentor Pricing
Part Number Description Individual RFQs
401012300 IRHD Indentor Please Submit a RFQ
407016600 Type A & C Indentor Please Submit a RFQ
407016700 Type O Indentor Please Submit a RFQ
407016800 Type B & D Indentor Please Submit a RFQ
407039100 Type B & D (½ inch Foot) Indentor Please Submit a RFQ
407039200 Type A & C (½ inch Foot) Indentor Please Submit a RFQ
407141600 Type M Indentor Please Submit a RFQ
407700300 Type OO & T Indentor Please Submit a RFQ
unlisted Type OOO—S Indentor Please Submit a RFQ
407800400 Asker FWC 5.8 mm Indentor Please Submit a RFQ

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