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The Bradnick—Warner Specimen Support Fixture is designed for use with the dimensional measuring instruments described in ASTM D3767 Procedures A, A1, and A2. It is specifically mentioned in the method and shown in Figure 3.

This device is designed to accommodate specimens which are small, thin, or irregularly shaped. It is placed over the instrument platform and is secured with thumb screws.

The fixture’s base has a centrally located orifice to accept various inserts, either the 3 standard inserts (included), those which are designed for special use (available on request), or those designed for use with other instruments, such as type-m durometer o-ring inserts.

The Standard Base Insert has a 4—40 threaded hole at its center. It is designed to accept guide pins or customized fixtures, which can be manufactured to virtually any configuration.

The Standard Cylindrical Insert has a Ø 10 mm post that is 13 mm in height. It is used to position a wide range of oddly shaped specimens that are flat and have parallel sides.

The Standard Domed Insert has a Ø 12.5 mm post that is 25 mm in height. It is used to position specimens having hemispherical configurations, such as diaphragms, gloves, condoms, etc.

Specially Designed Inserts can be manufactured to attach to the Standard Base Insert, or as separate inserts. They can be manufactured to accommodate virtually any specimen configuration, such as:

  • The double guide pin insert. These are used to measure small, difficult to handle, o-rings or other solid tubular specimens. The height, and the distance between the posts, being specific to an o-ring size.
  • The mandrel insert. A vertical post (spindle) supports a horizontal rod (mandrel) of a specified length and diameter. The mandel inserts are used to measure the wall thickness of tubing, hose, and other hollow tubular specimens.

The Bradnick—Warner Specimen Support Fixture features:

  • Extruded 6061 aluminum for strength;
  • CAD designed for engineering quality;
  • CNC manufactured for precision;
  • Innovative concept directly from the originators!
  • Perfectly matches the ElasTek Digital and Analog ASTM D3767 Thickness Gauges.
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