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Shore ceased all production operations in 2012 and their products are no longer available. CCSi continues to support Shore equipment in regard to service, calibration and ISO/IEC 17025 certification.


The Shore® Pencil Style durometer features a compact, lightweight, rugged design that makes it ideal for carrying in the pocket. It is suited for those who need to roughly estimate the actual durometer hardness of a material in the field. It is suitable for use as a trackside tire durometer or for checking incoming baled or bulk material.

The instrument has an easy—to—read vernier scale graduated in increments of 5 points. The vernier push rod is held in place magnetically, allowing the maximum reading to be viewed after the test is performed from virtually any position!

The Shore® Pencil Style durometer eliminates the use of sensitive gears, cams, dial indicating mechanisms or crystals, reducing need for frequent recalibration from strenuous use.

The Shore® Pencil Style durometer, while durable and flexible in appropriate applications, should not be relied upon as a precision instrument for determining indentation hardness in quality assurance or quality control environments. This durometer does not meet the requirements of ASTM D2240.

Please refer to the Shore® Durometer Selection Guide for an explanation of Shore® model, type and scale designations, as well to assure the proper selection of the Shore® durometer to suit your specific application.

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Indicator: Scale: Vernier 5—100 Resolution: 5 point, incremental
Durometer Type: A Scale
Vernier Travel: 2.54 mm (0.100 inch)
Presser Foot Diameter: 13 mm (0.50 inch)
Vernier Scale: 25.4 mm (1.00 inch)
Indentor Extension: 2.46 — 2.54 mm (0.097 — 0.100 inch)
Weight: 47 g (1.7 ounce)
Length: 114 mm (4.5 inch)

Certificate of calibration is included.

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