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Shore ceased all production operations in 2012 and their products are no longer available. CCSi continues to support Shore equipment in regard to service, calibration and ISO/IEC 17025 certification.


The Shore® DuroCalibrator™ is a ‘must have’ instrument for those who are serious about the certainty of durometer calibration!

The instrument is designed to provide a most accurate means by which to check the calibration status of durometers. A definite must for conducting Gauge R&R studies!

The use of the Shore® DuroCalibrator™ for this purpose can greatly improve the accuracy and precision of your acquired data. It can be used to conduct the periodic ‘accuracy status’ of nearly every durometer type.

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The Shore® DuroCalibrator™ is a precision instrument that is designed to accommodate durometers in accordance with ASTM D2240, ISO 868, and ISO 7619. The instrument exceeds the precision requirements mandated by ASTM D2240, the most stringent in the world!

The beam and sliding counter weight system is hard chrome plated to resist wear to the detents and knife edge block. The counter weights have hardened detent pins for greater wear resistance. The base contains an ‘bull’s eye’ level to allow for leveling and plumbing using the four adjustable base stanchions.

The durometer mounting assembly and indentor contact mechanism are precision engineered to assure perpendicular application of the durometer indentor to the force application assembly, which assurers accurate outcomes.

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The Shore® DuroCalibrator™ is available in 3 models:

  • Model SD—1A for calibrating ASTM D2240 types A, B, O (ISO 7619 Types A and O, ISO 868 Type A and Shore® Type T);
  • Model SD—1D for calibrating ASTM D2240 types C, D and DO (ISO 7619 Type D and ISO 868 Type D);
  • Model SD—1AD for calibrating all ASTM D2240 types except: OO, OOO, OOO—S, M or Pencil (ISO 7619 Types A, D, and O, ISO 868 Type A and D) NOTE

Special tool kits for Shore® round & quadrant style durometers, shown below:

  • Tool Kit KQServices Quadrant Style Durometers

  • Tool Kit KX—2Services Round Style Durometers

NOTE ASTM D2240 Types OO, OOO, OOO—S, and M can be accommodated by the DuroCalibrator™ with modifications not provided by the manufacturer. JIS K6253 Types A and D can also be accommodated with other modifications. Please contact CCSi to learn more about calibrating these other durometer types.

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Part NumberModelScale / Type
407310000SD—1A Types A, B, O & T
407310100SD—1D Types C, D & DO
407310200SD—1AD Types A, B, C, D, DO & T

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The Shore® DuroCalibrator™ also requires periodic calibration. CCSi provides this service in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001:2000, ASTM D2240, NAVAIR 17—20MF—18, ASTM E74, ASTM D1957, ISO 868, ISO 7619, JIS K6253, DIN 53 505, MIL—STD—46552a (deprecated), and most international standards.

The Shore® DuroCalibrator™ may also be used for the accurate and precise calibration of many durometer types and brands. Calibration of durometers, as with any precision instrument, requires training. CCSi can provide training for your technicians, or provide durometer calibration and certification at a very reasonable cost.

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