Product Description

The Rex® Model 2100 Durometer has become a favorite among automobile and motorcycle racers. The durometer hardness of racing tires is recognized as a critical component of success.

Trackside factors such as ambient temperature, track temperature, usage, and age of the tire can change the actual hardness of the tire from the stated factory hardness and needs to be continually monitored.

Unlike many ‘racing durometers’, which are inexpensive, inaccurate relative hardness gauges, the Rex® 2100 meets the tough standards of ASTM D—2240 (available in Type A only). This is the standard by which tire manufacturer’s determine rubber hardness, so the comparison is direct … and accurate!

The Rex® Model 2100 Tire Durometer is manufactured in the USA of quality aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel and features a durable polymer dial face. It comes complete with a carrying case and one year warranty. The Model 2100 is available in ASTM D2240 Type A (Shore A Scale).

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