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The PTC® e2000 Digital Style Durometers are manufactured to meet or exceed current ASTM D2240 specifications and designed to measure the indentation hardness of rubber, elastomers, and other rubber like substances such as neoprene, silicone, vinyl, nitrile, and butyl. They can also be used for soft plastics, felt, leather, and similar materials.

The e2000 Digital Style Durometers combine digital readability with an indentor load cell to create an accurate, affordable and reliable digital hardness tester.

The LCD digital display features bold, easy to read, numbers which virtually eliminates parallax induced errors and saves time by indicating a specific value, with a 0.1 resolution, for each determination.

A standard electronic maximum hold button retains the peak reading until reset. The e2000 Digital Durometers also feature an RS—232C data port, automatic shut—off timer, a low battery warning indicator and an ergonomically designed 1¼ inch diameter base.

The durometer should be used in a near vertical position, but may be used at up to 90º.

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PTC® e2000 Digital Style Durometers: Features Fill 118 Copy 1 Created with Sketch.
  • Meets or Exceeds ASTM D2240, ISO 7619, & ISO 868;
  • 1¼ inch Diameter Presser Foot;
  • Large LCD Digital Display;
  • Light Weight … easy—to—use;
  • 0.1 Resolution Accuracy;
  • Reliable Circuitry with ‘Zero’ Drift;
  • Electronic Maximum Hold;
  • Load Cell Accuracy;
  • RS—232C Data Port;
  • Battery Powered for Portability;
  • AC Adapter & Batteries Standard;
  • Storage Case;
  • Test Block Included;
  • Detachable mass available.
PTC® e2000 Digital Style Durometers: Specifications Fill 118 Copy 1 Created with Sketch.
Types:A, B, C, D, DO & O
Presser Foot:31.75 mm Ø (1.75 inch Ø)
Indicator:Digital LCD
Scale:0 — 100, 0.1 Point Graduations
Accuracy:± 1 Point
Finish:Type A & OO: Black Anodized | Type B: Purple Anodized | Type C: Blue Anodized | Type D & DO: Red Anodized
Standards:ASTM D2240, ISO 7619 & ISO 868

PTC® e2000 Digital Style Durometers: Model Information Fill 118 Copy 1 Created with Sketch.
ASTM TypeModel
Type A511A
Type B511B
Type C512C
Type D512D
Type DO512DO
Type O511O
Certificate of calibration is included.

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