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CCSi manufactures this high quality UltraLife Tensile-Compression Fixture for the determination of compression set, as indicated in ASTM D395 ‘Standard Test Methods for Rubber Property — Compression Set’, and described in ‘Test Method A — Compression Set Under Constant Force’ and ‘Test Method B — Compression Set Under Constant Deflection’.

The UltraLife Tensile-Compression Fixture is also perfectly suited for ascertaining the compression deflection characteristics of rubber compounds not classified as ‘hard rubber’ or ‘sponge rubber’, as described in ASTM D575 ‘Standard Test Methods for Rubber Properties in Compression’ in both ‘Test Method A — Compression Test at Specified Deflection’ and ‘Test Method B — Compression Test at Specified Force’.

The UltraLife Tensile-Compression Fixtures are designed for adaptation to virtually any tensile-compression testing instrument having the capabilities of measuring the required compressive forces and meeting the requirements of ASTM E4 ‘Standard Practices for Force Verification of Testing Machines’.

UltraLife Tensile-Compression Fixtures are also adaptable to an instrument’s ‘environmental chamber’ which allows elevated and subnormal temperature exposures.

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UltraLife ASTM D395 & D575 Tensile-Compression Fixtures are manufactured from homogenous, solid, high carbon content A2 tool steel. Each undergoes precision grinding and multi-axis, precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining to exacting requirements, after which the plates and spacers are industrial chrome plated.

Precision grinding ensures a parallel surface profile of the plates and spacers. CNC machining provides ultra-close dimensional tolerances and synchronized vertical application of applied force. The quality of materials, design, and engineering serve to provide the highest quality test outcomes possible, over an extended service life.

The plates are thicker than comparable fixtures, withstanding the deleterious effects of exposure to elevated, subnormal temperatures, and distortive forces. This also accommodates later restoration, adding too yet further the fixture’s cost effectiveness. The spacers, which are critical to producing accurate test determinations, are square on the longitudinal axis allowing them to be positioned, on any of their four sides.

The machine adapters, connectors and the mechanism, are of hardened steel are individually matched to assure smooth performance and unparalleled operation. The plates are mounted to four (two equally paired) counter-acting shafts. This unique design equilibrates the horizontally opposed compressive forces.

UltraLife Tensile-Compression Fixtures are individually serialized and include certifications to ASTM D395 & D575, traceable to NIST, and compliance with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/IEC 17025.

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ASTM D395 & D575 Tensile-Compression Fixture Features:

  • Exclusive UltraLife technology;
  • Designed with advanced 3D solid modeling;
  • High carbon content A2 tool steel;
  • Manufactured using computerized systems and techniques;
  • Precision ground;
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) 4 axis machining;
  • Industrial hard chrome finish on contact surfaces;
  • Engineered to withstand highly corrosive materials and extreme temperatures;
  • Designed for future restoration;
  • Flexibility of Method A & Method B testing to D395 and D575;
  • Adaptable to any E4 tensile-compression instrument;
  • Traceability of dimensional measurement to NIST;
  • Certification to ASTM D395 & D575;
  • Compliance with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/IEC 17025;
  • Available Options:
    · Custom finishes: TFE, TefLok® Titanium & others;
    · 304L Stainless steel construction.
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