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CCSi provides this high quality combination Rotary Drum Abrasion Tester for evaluating resistance to abrasion of rubber materials through the measure of volumetric loss of a specimen exposed to the action of a normalized abrasive medium secured to a rotating cylinder.

The Rotary Drum Abrasion Tester is manufactured according the specifications and requirements set forth in ASTM D5963, and ISO 4649. The test specimen is rotated while it is moved laterally across the rotating cylinder. This assures uniform contact of the test specimen to the abrasive media and provides reliable, accurate and meaningful test determinations. Alternatively, the specimen holder may be locked into a fixed position.

The rotating cylinder assembly is designed for ease of disassembly to facilitate the replacement of the abrasion medium. Removable basins, that do not require cylinder removal, are situated below the cylinder to facilitate removal of the abraded material.

The Rotary Drum Abrasion Tester includes both 500 g and 1 kg weights. This ‘bench top’ tester features highly automated test cycles, is equipped with conveniently mounted instrument controls, and highly reliable motor and drive assemblies.

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  • Reference Standard DIN 53516, ISO 47649 and ASTM D5963;
  • Rotating or Fixed specimen holder;
  • Test with 1 kg or 500 g load;
  • Automatic electric lock of the rotating cylinder at the end of the test cycle;
  • Mechanical unlocking of the rotating cylinder to facilitate replacement of the abrasive;
  • Removable basins facilitate the cleaning of abraded material;
  • Lexan® cylinder cover with automatic safety lock;
  • Safety push-button;
  • Specimen holder correctly positions specimen for accurate, repeatable test determinations;
  • Power Supply: 220 VAC ± 10%, 2 Amp, 1 PH, 50 ± 3 Hz;
  • Power Usage: 0.4 kW;
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 950 x 380 x 420 mm (37.4 x 15 x 16.5 inch);
  • Weight: 95 kg (209.5 lb.)
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