Product Description

Specimen molds, specimen cutting dies, specimen formers and pre-formers represent a significant investment in rubber and plastics laboratories.

The use of steel tools to perform day-to-day operational tasks, such as prying open specimen molds or removing stubborn debris from molds and dies, may cause excessive wear or damage these very expensive items.

The use of softer brass tools can extend the life of virtually any mold or die. ElasTek™ offers a variety of commonly used brass tools:

  • brass brushes with American Maple hardwood handles
  • solid brass scrapers with replaceable components
  • solid brass formed rods, with applied handles
  • solid brass o-ring removal tools
  • solid brass pliers, with coated handles
  • solid brass scrapers with riveted handles
  • high speed brass bushes for pneumatic tools

ElasTek™ is also a source for less commonly required brass tools and invites inquiries for specific applications.

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CAM028N Brass Mold Pry Tool, Plastic Handle

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