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CCSi provides this high quality benchtop apparatus for obtaining up to four differently configured test specimens from a single test piece without the need for changing the specimen cutting dies.

The Gibitre multiple station specimen die cutter is specifically designed to accommodate up to four, similarly or differently configured cutting dies for quickly and efficiently obtaining test specimens from molded test pieces (slabs or sheets).

Imagine, for example, being able to place a single ASTM D3182 molded test piece on the cutting block and, in four simple strokes, obtaining the needed compression, elongation, tensile, and tear specimens, without the need for changing the cutting dies!

The Gibitre Gibitre Multi-Head Die Cutter greatly reduces, or eliminates, die wear caused by improper mounting or worn mounting assemblies ultimately improving repeatability, reproducibility, precision and accuracy.

It combines versatility and ease of use. This, coupled with the positive influence on test determinations, make it a necessary addition to any laboratory where productivity and cost effectiveness are a concern.

Specimen cutting dies used in the Gibitre Multi-Head Die Cutter are available from CCSi. Please visit the Specimen Die pages for pricing and specifications on the vast array of cutting dies available.

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Gibitre Multi-Head Die Cutter: Specifications Fill 118 Copy 1 Created with Sketch.
Maximum Pressure: 2,000 kg
Specimen Dies: 1 to 4
Dimensions: 320 x 500 x 600 mm (12.6 x 19.7 x 23.6 in.)
Supports: Ø 25 x 20 mm (Ø 0.98 x 0.79 in.)
Net Weight: 61 kg

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