Product Description

A digital durometer, when used in conjunction with the DuroMaster software, allows users to:

Perform timed tests – set durometer dwell time;
Automatically collect and save data to CSV format;
Calculates statistical information • High, low, standard deviation, average, mean, median;
• Set high and low tolerance limits;
• Open data in any spreadsheet application;
• Custom USB cable and dongle included;
• Works with Rex DD4, 4000, DD5, 5000 series and PTC e2000 digital models manufactured after 2012.



CCSi provides durometer calibrations that meet ISO/IEC 17025. CCSi technicians have been factory trained or certified by most internationally recognized durometer manufacturers. Our world-class durometer calibration facility has earned OEM
status and complies to the strict requirements of manufacturers, calibration laboratory accreditation services, and standards development organizations (SDOs)

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