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CCSi molds are designed, engineered, and manufactured to produce high quality specimens, over an extended service life.

CCSi manufactures these specimen molds, as described in ASTM D3182 “Standard Practice for Rubber-Materials, Equipment, and Procedures for Mixing Standard Compounds and Preparing Standard Vulcanized Sheets.”

The ASTM D3182 “standard laboratory mold” is used for the preparation of vulcanized sheets, which are specified in many test methods, procedures and practices.

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CCSi molds are designed and manufactured in house from US sourced A2 tool steel. Each mold undergoes precision grinding and CNC machining to meet exacting dimensional requirements. The mold cavities are expertly honed and hand polished to comply with applicable surface roughness requirements. The mold is then plated with an industrial chrome finish which provides exceptional corrosion and abrasion resistance.

The CCSi mold platens are thicker than standard molds, providing superior heat and pressure distribution, as well as extending the mold’s useful life by resisting distortion. This also allows the overflow recesses to be deeper, reducing problems associated overfill.

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CCSi Specimen Molds Feature:

  • In house design;
  • In house manufacturing;
  • CNC machined
  • Precision ground;
  • Expertly honed and polished
  • US sourced A2 tool steel;
  • Thicker plates resist warping, distribute heat and pressure evenly;
  • Cam action hinges prevent uneven closure;
  • Industrial chrome plate finish;
  • Stainless steel rotating handles ease opening, closing and handling;
  • Deep overflow recesses (flash pockets) reduce overfill problems;
  • High strength fasteners resist the effects of strain and stress;
  • Optional temperature probe orifices may be added for profiling;
  • Optional finishes are available for highly corrosive compounds.
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Cavity Size:6 x 6 x 0.77 inches (150 x 150 x 1.95 mm)
Weight (aproximate)19lbs
Dimensions7.5 x 7.5 x 1.125 in (8.25 x 10.5 x 1.125 in with hinges and handles)

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