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ElasTek™ Aluminum Block Aging Oven: Description
CCSi Aluminum Block Aging Oven
28 Compartment Model CLG
ElasTek™ Testing Instruments by CCSi
CCSi features this solid cast aluminum block aging oven to perform individual compartment aging tests on natural and synthetic rubber, silicones and other organic elastomeric materials in conformance with ASTM D471 and ASTM D865.
The ElasTek™ Aging Oven features an optional water cooled reflex condenser, which reduces the need for constant monitoring of fluid levels and virtually eliminates the hazardous build—up of volatile gases. The integral electrical heating elements further reduce the hazards associated with heating volatile fluids.
The cast aluminum block is encapsulated in insulation and encased in a stainless steel jacket to ensure temperature uniformity. Uniform heating is provided by high watt electrical heaters that are regulated with state—of—the—art P.I.D. temperature controllers.
Access to each compartment is made by removing the convenient insulating pad and stopper. A test specimen may be removed without disturbing those in other compartments. The 300 x 38 mm (standard sized) glass containers are configured to allow natural, controlled rate ventilation, or employ the optional water—cooled reflux condenser.
ElasTek™ Aluminum Block Oven: Features
  1. Cross—contamination of samples is eliminated by individual test compartments;
  2. Solid block aluminum is cleaner and safer than oil baths, and transfers heat at a faster rate;
  3. Round design provides a more constant and uniform heat transfer than square block ovens;
  4. High ‘R’ factor glass fiber insulation reduces heat loss and electrical consumption;
  5. ‘304’ stainless jacketing for corrosion protection and ease of maintenance;
  6. ASTM D471 and D865 tests can be run simultaneously;
  7. P.I.D. temperature controllers provide superior control;
  8. Water cooled reflux condenser reduces constant monitoring of liquid levels and build—up of volatile gases;
  9. High watt density heaters for longer service life and superior performance.
ElasTek™ Aluminum Block Aging Oven: Specifications & Accessories
Model: CLG
Test Compartments: 28
Dimensions: 558.8 x 622.3 Ø mm
Temperature Range: 37.8 — 260 Cº
Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.3 Cº
Temperature Uniformity: ± 0.5 % of Set Point
Temperature Control: Programmable P.I.D.
Power Input: 220 VAC, 1 PH
Electric Heaters: 6000 Watt
Net Weight: 161 kg
Available Accessories:
ElasTek™ Aluminum Block Aging Oven Glassware
CLG24: 38 x 300 mm test tubes
CLG25a: Single hole stoppers
CLG27a: 15 mm reflux tube
CLG92: Water cooled condenser
CLG93: Condenser test tube
CLG24: 38 x 300 mm test tubes
CLG25: Two hole stoppers
CLG26: 9 mm short vent tube
CLG27: 9 mm long vent tube
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