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ElasTek™ ASTM D926 Digital Thickness Gauge
ASTM D926 Digital Thickness Gauge
ASTM D3767 Thickness Gauge
configured for ASTM D926 (§5.1.5)
ElasTek™ Testing Instruments by CCSi
The ASTM D926 Digital Thickness Gauge is specifically engineered for determining the recovery measurements of test specimens as described in Procedure A and Procedure B of ASTM D926 Standard Test Method for Rubber Property—Plasticity and Recovery (Parallel Plate Method).
Section 5.1.5 of ASTM D926 refers to ASTM D3767 (Procedure A, Table 1), Standard Practice for Rubber—Measurement of Dimensions for recovery measurements.
Although configured for ASTM D926 recovery measurements, the gauge may also be used for dimensional measurements as described in ASTM D3767 and other methods... virtually eliminating the need for multiple or dedicated gauges.
Each ElasTek™ ASTM D926 Digital Thickness Gauge is individually assembled and calibrated to assure that the inherent frictional resistance of the mechanism, as well as the force introduced by the mass of the movement assembly, is ultimately considered.
Additionally, each mass is matched to the selected stem and contact combinations to attain an optimal “pressure” profile.
Supplemental stem, mass, and contact sets are available to allow this digital gauge to be easily modified to measure virtually any size and hardness combinations of test specimens. Simply replace the exchangeable mass, contact, or stem to suite the application!
The granite base provides an accurate reference plane as well as a stable support, the mass being sufficient to prevent unintended movement. It is a hard, smooth contact surface, which is easily cleaned and impervious to most environmental effects.
ElasTek™ also provides volumetric and rotating cutting Specimen Cutting Dies for the preparation of ASTM D926 test specimens.
ElasTek™ ASTM D926 Digital Thickness Gauge: Features
Digital Indicator:
  1. LCD Readout: character height 7.75 mm (.305 in);
  2. Switchable Metric / Inch Display;
  3. Indicator Resolution: .01 mm / .0005 in;
  4. Peak Read Hold;
  5. Hi / Lo Tolerance Settings;
  6. Floating Zero, allows the setting of Zero at any position of the spindle;
  7. 25.4 mm (1 inch) Stem Travel (lifting lever included);
  8. 5.6 and 9.525 mm (0.250 and 0.375 in) diameter contacts included;
  9. NIST Traceable Certified Mass (matched to 9.525 mm contact foot).
SPC Output:
  1. RS232;
  2. BCD;
  3. MTI.
Power Sources:
  1. Replaceable 3 VDC Lithium CR2450 Batteries (included);
  2. VAC/VDC Adapter, 110 or 220 VAC 50/60 Hz, (optional);
  3. Regulated 5 VDC through the Data Port.
Gauge Support Base:
  1. Granite;
  2. Laboratory Grade AA;
  3. NIST Traceable Certificate of Accuracy is available for a nominal fee;
  4. 152.4 x 152.4 x 50.8 mm (6 x 6 x 2 inch).
Support Column:
  1. Diameter: 31.75 mm (1.25 inch) Ø;
  2. Height: 203.2 mm (8 inch);
  3. Throat Depth: 1.75 inches (44.45 mm);
  4. Maximum Height: 152.4 mm (6 inch), less indicator;
  5. Fine height adjustment knob.
Contact (Presser) Foot:
  1. 25 mm diameter flat circular contact foot design;
  2. 4-48 threaded spindle, mounts to all other ElasTek™ digital thickness gauges;
  3. Certificate of traceability to NIST for mass and dimensions.
  1. Corrosion resistant solid brass 81.55 g weight;
  2. Adjusted to 78.5—84.6 g to match instrument assembly and achieve 800 mN;
  3. 4-48 threaded spindle, mounts to all other ElasTek™ digital thickness gauges;
  4. Certificate of traceability to NIST for mass & Dimension.

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