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Shore® IRHD Testing Systems: Overview
Shore IRHD Testing Systems Shore® Durometers
The IRHD method is superior to most standard durometer indentation hardness testing methods. The material hardness is determined by the difference in the penetration depth of a spherical indentor under two conditions, the application of a small initial force and the application of a larger terminal force.
These determinations are performed at specific intervals and dwell, the differential is converted to a hardness value, in compliance with ASTM D1415 “Standard Test Method for Rubber Property — International Hardness” (2.5 mm indentor), as well as ISO 48, Type N.
It is highly recommended that when durometer hardness testing is being employed as a critical input to production control or QA/QC criteria that the IRHD testing methodology be given serious consideration.
Shore® offers two very high quality and relatively inexpensive models of IRHD Testing Systems.
IRHD Model 903/2000
IRHD Model 770/2000
IRHD Model S1
Shore® IRHD Testing Systems Model 903/2000 Shore IRHD Testing Systems Model 770/2000 Shore IRHD Testing Systems Model S1
The Model 903/2000 features the DuroTronic™ 2000 IRHD digital transducer coupled with the specially designed Model 903 automatic operating stand. The Model 770/2000 also employs the DuroTronic™ 2000 IRHD digital transducer and a less expensive, yet high quality and precise, manual operating stand. The Model S1 employs the new S1 modular digital system! It will be introduced soon... more information to follow.

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