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Taber® Abraser Specimen Holders
Taber® Abraser Specimen Holders Taber® Industries
Taber® Specimen Holders are available for both ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ tests. The specimen holders are designed for such materials as leather, textiles, woven fabric, flooring, ceramic, glass, paper, paints and coatings, laminates, plastics, rubber and rubber—like materials, and many more!
Available for a wide range of material testing applications they allow true versatility in performing abrasion tests.
Taber® E3945 Multiple Specimen Holder
The Taber® E3945 Multiple Specimen Holder [P/N 121241] is used principally for nylon hosiery and light flexible fabrics requiring abraser load weights of 125 or 250 grams. It is divided into sections of equal dimensions, permitting eight samples to be tested simultaneously for quick comparison. Taber® E3945 Multiple Specimen Holder
Taber® E140—75 Rimmed Specimen Holder
The Taber®  Larger ImageE140—75  Rimmed Specimen Holder [P/N 125604] has a 0.375 inch (9.525 mm) raised rim for retaining liquids during testing. It is used for wet testing materials to determine the effect of absorbed and/or surface moisture on abrasion resistance. Typical of such test samples is the paint used to mark traffic lanes at busy intersections, subject to both wet and dry abrasion in everyday use. Taber® E140-75 Rimmed Specimen Holder
Taber® E140—21 Threaded Ring Specimen Holder
The Taber®  Larger ImageE140—21  NEMA Threaded Ring Specimen Holder [P/N 121206] provides both a clamp plate and a hold down ring for dry testing slightly warped specimens. The flanged ring is threaded to the body of the holder which securely clamps the outer edges of samples up to 5.375 inches (136.525 mm) in diameter. Taber® E140-21 Threaded Ring Specimen Holder
Taber® E140—19 Rigid Materials Specimen Holder
The Taber®  Larger ImageE140—19  Rigid Materials Specimen Holder [P/N 121207] allows for the testing of flooring, ceramic tile or other rigid materials without the need for a center hole. Square specimens are attached to this holder with S—37 specimen mounting sheets. E140-19 Rigid Materials Specimen Holder
Taber® E140—18 Rimmed Textile Specimen Holder
The Taber®  Larger ImageE140—18  Rimmed Textile Tensioning Type Specimen Holder [P/N 121208] provides an initial stretch to woven fabrics so they may be tested while moist without wrinkling. Taber® E140-18 Rimmed Textile Specimen Holder
Taber® E140—15 Textile Specimen Holder
The Taber®  Larger ImageE140—15  Textile Tensioning Type Specimen Holder [P/N 121148] has a raised wear track to give the fabric extra tension when the ring is drawn down over the edge of the holder and the clamp plate is drawn down in to the center recess. Taber® E140-15 Textile Specimen Holder
Taber® E140-14 Specimen Holder with Clamp Ring
The Taber®  Larger ImageE140-14  Specimen Holder with Clamp Ring secures specimens that are slightly uneven can be either dry or wet tested in the clamp holder [P/N 121155]. This holder is furnished with or without center clamping screw. Taber® E140-14 Specimen Holder with Clamp Ring
Taber® E100-125 Standard Specimen Holder
The Taber®  Larger ImageE100—125  Standard Specimen Holder [P/N 120990] is included with all Taber® Rotary Platform Abraders. Taber® E100-125 Standard Specimen Holder
It is complete with a spring clutch,  Larger ImageS—19  rubber pad [P/N 121016], specimen table hold down nut  Larger Image[P/N 120979]  and clamp plate  Larger Image[P/N 121150]. The E100—125 is designed to test all rigid, flat specimens of virtually any material.
It is recommended to inspect these parts on a routine basis and evaluate them for wear and suitability for service.
Taber® E100—10 Transparent Plastic Specimen Holder
The Taber®  Larger ImageE100—10  Specimen Holder [P/N 121205], with transparent Lucite™, is used for viewing textile specimens against a strong light to determine the worn condition of the threads without removing the fabric from the holder. Taber® E100-10 Transparent Plastic Specimen Holder
It has also been used with a small size high intensity light bulb, located beneath the specimen holder which activates a photocell and electronic relay to turn off the Abraser when the established wear point is reached.
The holder may be used with the E100—101 or E100—102 retaining rings.
Taber® Specimen Retaining Rings
  1.  Larger ImageE100—101  ‘A’ Specimen Retaining Ring [P/N 125795]
    110 mm (4.3125 inch) I.D.;
  2.  Larger ImageE100—102  ‘B’ Specimen Retaining Ring [P/N 125796]
    108 mm (4.125 inch) I.D.;
  3.  Larger ImageE100—237  Wrench for Retaining Rings.
Taber® E100 Specimen Retaining Rings
Taber® Silicon Rubber Wet Test
The Taber® Silicon Rubber Specimen Holder [P/N 121241-1] is specially designed for wet testing silicon rubber products. Modifications to the Taber® are necessitated. These may be performed by returning your present abrader, or as a factory installed attachment to a new abrader. Taber® Silicon Rubber Wet Test Specimen Holder
Taber® S—21 Extension Nut
The Taber®  Larger ImageS—21  Extension Nut [P/N 121224] allows specimens from 6.35 to 12.7 mm (0.25 to 0.50 inch) in thickness to be accommodated. It requires a 0.375 inch (9.525 mm) center hole in the specimen. Taber® S-21 Extension Nut

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