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Taber® MicroAbrasion Tester Model 8000: Description
Taber® MicroAbrasion Tester Model 8000 Taber® Industries
The Taber® MicroAbrader provides a unique method to perform micro—particle erosion and abrasion testing. Equipped with a patented modulator system, the system precisely controls the mixture of pressurized air with micron sized abrasive powder to generate an abrasive flow.
Employing a high precision nozzle, the abrasive flow can be set up to test internal or external surfaces. Additionally, it can be used to clean, cut, debur and drill many materials. An integral dust collection system is used to remove the airborne media during testing.
The nozzles interchangeable are available in four standard sizes:
  1. Ø 0.018 in.;
  2. Ø 0.030 in.;
  3. Ø 0.046 in.;
  4. 0.008 x 0.125 in. rectangular.
Other nozzle sizes and configurations are available by request.
Taber® Model 8000 Nozzle Assembly
A selection of abrasive media is offered in varying sizes, shapes and hardness to provide testing versatility.
The most significant variables for erosion and wear testing include the characteristics (size, shape and hardness) of the abrasive powder. These determine the severity and aggressiveness of the wear process.
Taber® Model 8000 Abradant Material
Type  Average Size  Description
Silicon Carbide 20 micron Extremely hard, block shaped
Aluminum Oxide 25 micron Very hard, block shaped
Aluminum Oxide 50 micron Very hard, block shaped
Glass Bead 50 micron Hard, spherical shaped
Crushed Glass 50 micron Hard, irregular shaped
The Taber® Model 8000 is designed to optimize other factors for each material, including:
  1. air pressure;
  2. rate of abradant flow;
  3. nozzle orifice and design;
  4. duration of test;
  5. angle of abrasive stream to the specimen;
  6. distance between the nozzle and specimen;
  7. dust collection.
Taber® Model 8000 Workstation
The MicroAbrader workstation confines the abrasive powder and maintains a clean test area. Illuminated by a fluorescent lamp, the test area is viewed through a hinged, tempered glass window that is sloped for maximum visibility and reduced glare.
Taber® MicroAbrasion Tester Model 8000: Standard Features & Options
Standard Features:
  1. Workstation dust collection system;
  2. Start/Stop control timer;
  3. Air filter-dryer;
  4. Tank Orifice (0.025 & 0.040 in.);
  5. 4 Standard Nozzles:
      Larger ImageØ 0.018 in.
      Larger ImageØ 0.030 in.
      Larger ImageØ 0.046 in.
      Larger Image0.008 x 0.125 in. rectangular
  6. Abradant (aluminum oxide & glass bead);
  7. Nozzle mounting stand;
  8. Specimen vise;
  9. CE Marked.
Optional Accessories (sold separately):
  1. Tungsten Carbide Nozzles
  2. Tank Orifices:
      Larger Image0.025 Orifice
      Larger Image0.040 Orifice
  3. Selection of Abrasive Media:
      Larger ImageSilicon Carbide (20 µ)
      Larger ImageAluminum Oxide (25 µ)
      Larger ImageAluminum Oxide (50 µ)
      Larger ImageGlass Bead (50 µ)
      Larger ImageCrushed Glass (50 µ)
Complete Data Sheets for Taber® MicroAbrader Model8000:
Adobe® PDF File  Taber® Abraser Models 5130 & 5150 Data Sheet
Adobe® PDF File  Taber® Abraser Models 5150 Brochure (CCSi)
Taber® MicroAbrasion Tester Model 8000: Specifications
Operating Pressure: 40 - 125 psi (2.7 - 8.6 Bars) 40 - 125 psi (2.7 - 8.6 Bars)
Inlet Air Pressure: 80 - 140 psi (5.5 - 9.65 Bars)
Powder Capacity: 50 in³ (820 cm³)
Air Volume: Typically 0.5 - 2.0 SCFM (235 - 950 cm³ / sec)
Tank Capacity: Up to 2 lbs (.9 kg) powder
Power: 115 VAC / 60 Hz or 230 VAC / 50 Hz; 40 Watts
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