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Taber® Multi-Finger Scratch/Mar Tester Model 710: Description
Taber® Multi-Finger Scratch/Mar Tester Model 710 Taber® Industries
The Taber® Multi-Finger Scratch/Mar Tester employs precision tungsten carbide tips to measure the susceptibility of material surfaces to scratching, marring, gouging, and other similar physical damage not classified as ordinary wear.
It is ideal for evaluating plastics, rigid organic materials, paints and coatings, soft metals, linoleum, and many others.
The design of the Taber® Multi-Finger Scratch/Mar Tester is based on the popular apparatus described in automotive specifications (Ford BN 108-13; General Motors GMN3943; Daimler-Chrysler LP-463DD-18-01) as a five-finger or five-arm scratch & mar tester. Taber® Multi-Finger Scratch/Mar Tester
The test specimens are secured to a pneumatically driven platform where five independent spline-shaft fingers, with varying weights, exert a constant, vertical load on the test specimen as it travels under interchangeable scratch tips.
Spline-shaft fingers are mounted on a rigid gantry platform. Support rests allow the operator to secure individual shafts in a rest position, permitting the testing of nonstandard width samples.
Complete Data Sheets for the Taber® Scratch/Mar Tester:
Adobe® PDF File  Taber® Scratch/Mar Tester Model 710 Data Sheet
Adobe® PDF File  Taber® Scratch/Mar Tester Model 710 Brochure (CCSi)
Taber® Multi-Finger Scratch/Mar Tester Model 710: Standard Features & Options
Standard Features:
  1. Pneumatic moveable platform;
  2. Control knob operation;
  3. Five spline-shaft fingers;
  4. Support rest;
  5. 9 piece weight set:
     • 2N, 3N, 4.5N, 5N, 6N, 7N, 10N, 15N, 20N
  6. Interchangeable scratch and mar tools:
      Larger Imagescratch tip, 1 mm Ø (5 each)
      Larger Imagemar tip, 7 mm Ø (5 each)
      Larger ImageSpring clamp specimen hold-down
  7. Specimen platform protective guard;
  8. Electronic timer accurate to 1/100 s;
  9. Air regulator with built-in lubricator.
Optional Accessories (sold separately):
  1. Larger Image1.0 mm Carbide Ball Scratch Tip
  2. Larger Image7.0 mm Carbide Ball Mar Tip
  3. Custom tips (available upon request)
  4. Larger ImageWeight set: includes 8N, 13N, 18N
  5. Larger ImageSingle Weight: 25N
Taber® Model 710 w/ Timer & Optional Weights

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