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Taber® Abrasion Tester Model 5150: Description
Taber® Abraser Model 5150 Taber® Industries
CCSi features this high quality Taber® Abraser for evaluating resistance to abrasion of a wide variety of materials through the measure of volumetric loss of a specimen exposed to the action of a normalized abrasive medium secured to a rotating disc.
The Model 5150 Taber® Abraser allows the testing of two materials, either identical or dissimilar, simultaneously.
This is especially useful when performing a comparative analysis, and can virtually double the productivity of a single technician in a production environment!
The unique ‘X’ pattern of Taber® Abrasers is produced by the rotary action of the abrasive wheels. The wear action occurs as the wheels are turned by the rotating specimens. The axis of rotation of the wheels is displaced from that of the turntable, creating an abrasive ‘sliding’ action as the specimen rotates.
An area of 300 mm² (4.5 in²) is subjected to the abrasive action, and a complete circle on the specimen surface is abraded at all angles and direction of grain or weave, effectively simulating ‘real life’ conditions.
This high quality, durable instrument determines the precise point at which a specimen shows unacceptable wear. The Taber® tests are highly reproducible and repeatable and can be performed on myriad materials by simply changing the abrasive media or employing the available accessories!
Taber® Abrasers, by employing the available abrasive media and accessories, meet or exceed the requirements for many abrasion tests such as those described in ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS, SAE, MIL, DoD, and a host of other national and international specification issuing organizations. A partial list of applicable test methods is available on the Abrasion Test Methods page.
Taber® Abrasion Tester Model 5150: Standard Components
Taber® Abraser Model 5150 with Standard Accessories
Model 5150 shown with standard components.
Description Quantity
Auxiliary Weights, 1000 g 4
Auxiliary Weights, 500 g 4
E—100—125 Specimen Holder 2
E—100—101 Retaining Ring 2
Hex Wrench for Retaining Ring 1
S—11 Calibrase® Refacing Discs 100
S—12 Long Handled Hand Brush 1
S—16 Specimen Plates 10
CS—10 Calibrase® Wheels 4
H—18 Calibrade® Wheels 4
Vacuum System & Attachments 1
Please visit the Taber® Instrument Accessories,Taber® Abrasive Media, and the Taber® Specimen Holder pages for more information regarding available accessories.
Complete Data Sheets for Taber® Abraser Models 5130 & 5150:
Adobe® PDF File  Taber® Abraser Models 5130 & 5150 Data Sheet
Adobe® PDF File  Taber® Abraser Models 5150 Brochure (CCSi)
Taber® Abrasion Tester Model 5150: Specifications
Power Required: Larger ImageModel 5150 [P/N 985150-5]: 110 VAC 50/60 Hz
Larger ImageModel 5151 [P/N 985151]: 220 VAC 50/60 Hz (CE)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 508 x 356 x 254 mm (20 x 14 x 10 inch)
Weight: Net: 41 kg (90 lb.)
Shipping: 48 kg (105 lb.)
Export: 59 kg (130 lb.)
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