Product Description

CCSi remanufactures many of the most popular rheological instruments.

The curemeter (rheometer and viscometer) is a quality instrument that can provide reliable test data providing it is properly and routinely maintained.

Considering the extensive use and the average age of most curemeters in the field, many have reached a point where normal maintenance may no longer support reliability, accuracy, and repeatability of the instruments.

Maintenance costs may be approaching the expense of totally rebuilding the instrument. CCSi offers a detailed and comprehensive rebuilding program.

This is not a reconditioning of the instrument, but a total rebuilding, inclusive of many upgrades that bring the instrument’s capability in line with its newer counterparts, at a fraction of the cost.

The instruments are offered on an exchange basis and are quoted individually. A purchase plan can be tailored to suit budgetary considerations including, short and long term lease and lease—purchase options.

Rebuilt rheometer models TM—100, R—100, R—100S and viscometer models M—1500, M—1300, M—1200, STI—90, are in stock and ready for immediate delivery!

The value of your trade—in, if any, will substantially affect the end cost of a rebuilt instrument.

Some curemeters employ an existing integral data recorder (included in a rebuilt instrument). Others employ an external data recorder (not included with a rebuilt instrument). The new RheoGraFX Model 1000 Chart Recorder is also available.

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  • The instrument is completely disassembled and all hardware is replaced;
  • All painted surfaces are stripped and re—painted with DuPont Centari® acrylic enamel;
  • All chrome plated parts are stripped and triple chrome plated;
  • All aluminum parts are returned to original dimensional specifications polished.


  • All components are tested and meet or exceed original specifications;
  • Each instrument is calibrated to ASTM/ISO specifications and adjusted to manufacturer’s recommendations;
  • Each instrument undergoes extensive testing to simulate field use.


  • Platinum RTD probes;
  • PID digital temperature controllers;
  • Platen temperature sensors with connectors suitable for computer or recorder interface;
  • Solid State Relays (SSRs) and mounting brackets;
  • Solenoid valves;
  • Front door safety enclosure and panel assembly;
  • Standardized longer support rods;
  • Internal cabinet illumination;
  • Remote connector for computer or recorder start signal;
  • Pre—heat, Run timers (viscometer);
  • Status indicator lamps;
  • Chassis mount T—O—L and PRT connectors;
  • Redesigned shaft and adjusting screw (rheometer).

Electrical System:

  • New main body wiring harness;
  • New door assembly wiring harness;
  • New relay/door assembly wiring harness;
  • New signal lamp assemblies;
  • New operating and safety switches;
  • New digital temperature controllers;
  • New temperature sensors;
  • New temperature SSRs;
  • New terminal strips and connectors;
  • Platen heaters wired with Teflon hi—temp wire;
  • New rear door cooling fan assembly (rheometer);
  • New Teflon platen insulators and;
  • New inner door assembly.

Pneumatic System:

  • Rebuilt pneumatic cylinder;
  • External relocation of air filter/regulator assembly;
  • New muffler silencer assembly and;
  • New high grade air lines and connectors.

Mechanical System:

  • New fasteners and connectors;
  • Re-machined platens and plates;
  • New rotor and die set;
  • New motor bearings and seals;
  • New gearbox bearings and seals;
  • Each subassembly rebuilt and tested;
  • NIST Calibration Certificate included.
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CCSi also has other pre—owned instruments which are:

  • in excellent operational condition;
  • very good to excellent in appearance;
  • undamaged and not excessively worn;
  • complete with manuals, schematics and diagrams;
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