Product Description

CCSi provides rubber calenders which are remanufactured by the industry leader. Their calender remanufacturing facilities are unsurpassed in North America. They have in—house roll grinding capabilities of 120 inches and the expertise gained by years of remanufacturing and upgrading calenders for the tire industry.

We can offer retrofits to include new drilled rolls, independent motorized roll adjustments, conversion to anti-friction bearings where possible, and complete drive change outs, and other modifications.

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The pre—owned rubber calenders that CCSi makes available are:

  • in excellent operational condition;
  • very good to excellent in appearances;
  • undamaged and not excessively worn;
  • complete with manuals, schematics and diagrams;

Please see the listings (below) of the Current Inventory for calender availability. They are briefly described and there are pictures of most! The Technical Staff is available to discuss the calender for your application.

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Adamson Calender, 26 x 68 inch, 3 roll, 120º, drilled rolls, even/friction gearing, cross axis, 250 HP DC/SCR(Image)
Adamson United Calender, 32 x 84 inch, 4 roll, “L”, cross axis, bending, 2 individual unidrive rolls, 75/100/150 HP (Image)
Adamson Calender, 24 x 68 inch, 3 roll, inverted “L”, drilled rolls, direct connected, 200 HP DC (Image)
Bolling Calender, 10 x 24 inch, 4 roll, inverted “L”, unitized (Image)
Bolling Cabinet Style Calender, 8 x 16 inch, 15 HP variable speed, let-offs & wind-up (Image)
Farrel Calender, 24 x 66 inch, 3 roll, build to suit (Image)
Farrel Birmingham Calender, 16 x 30 inch, 3 toll, build to suit (Image)
Farrel “Z” Calender, 26 x 64 inch, drilled rolls, bending, crossing, individual roll drives (Image)
Farrel Dominion Calender, 20 x 65 inch, 3 roll, 60 HP (Image)
Farrel Bridge Calender, 30 x 50 inch, 2 roll, build to suit (Image)
Kleinewefers Calender, 18 x 48 inch, 4 roll, inverted “L”, master gear, pinion, unitized base, 75 HP DC/SCR (Image)