Product Description

The Model HT9111 Tensile Testing Machine is a microprocessor controlled electro—mechanical tester designed with state—of—the—art technology for testing and studying the physical properties and mechanical behavior of a wide range of materials such as polymers and elastomers.

The Model HT9111 single column design offers excellent versatility and flexibility with enhanced performance and high precision.

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  • Advanced drive system with a wide speed range;
  • Load cell interchangeability & automatic selection of load scale and units;
  • Microprocessor based system for data acquisition, storage, retrieval and display;
  • Infinitely variable or incremental speed selection;
  • Integral crosshead safety interlocks;
  • A wide range of load cells, grips & accessories;
  • Suitable for R&D, education, QC/QA and production control applications.
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  • Panel mounted user controls;
  • LCD digital display of load, extension displacement data in real time;
  • Optional extensometers;
  • Storage of critical test data such as peak load, displacement at pre—load & maximum displacement;
  • Console selection of compression, tension or cyclic test types;
  • End of test crosshead position selector: “stop” or “return”.
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A wide range of grips and clamps are available:

  • Wedge types for flat and round specimens;
  • Vise types;
  • Single strand (conductor);
  • Pneumatic types;
  • Compression plates;
  • Bending fixtures;
  • Shearing types.
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Loading:Precision Constant Strain DC Motor
Capacity (full scale):500 kgf
Load Cell Selection:10, 20, 50, 100, 200 or 500 kgf
Load Amplification:1
Measurement Accuracy:± 0.5% of indicated load
Control device:DC Motor
Display:Digital LCD (9535s)
Extensometer:Manual (Scale)
Crosshead Travel:1216 mm
Crosshead Speed:50 - 500 mm/min
Return Speed:500 mm/min
Power:230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 PH
Dimensions (L x W x H):385 x 550 x 1585 mm
Standard Grips:Tensile Grips (Pneumatic Types Optional)

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