Product Description

The Rex® DD—3 and MS—3 Digital Durometers feature a variety of options designed to span the spectrum of utility from improving productivity in fast paced production laboratories to accommodating the rigorous requirements of R&D efforts. All are designed to improve your bottom line… Quality!

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The Rex® DD—3 Digital Durometer RexLab™ software package allows statistical analysis of durometer test determinations to be uploaded through the provided RS—232C communication cable to a PC.

The software allows automatic collection of test data. The values in a test series are displayed and included in the printed test report.

The display, printing and storage of Statistical Data include:

  • Number of tests in a series;
  • Number of tests In/Out of tolerance;
  • UCL/LCL (upper control limits / lower control limits);
  • Minimum / Maximum values;
  • Range, Mean, Variance and Standard Deviation.

The display, printing and storage of Test ID information including:

  • Technician ID;
  • Date/Time;
  • Instrument ID;
  • Temperature;
  • Humidity;
  • Material ID;
  • Material thickness;
  • Material type.

The performance of Timed Tests include:

  • User selectable test times from 1—99 s;
  • Real—Time display of ‘creep’ characteristics.

The hysteresis, or ‘creep’, characteristics observed using this software must be considered material specific. Inferences drawn between these properties and other physical characteristics such as Young’s modulus, tensile modulus, resilience, plasticity, compression resistance, or elasticity should be considered individually.

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Part NumberDescription
G11—0012 110 VAC Adapter
G11—0014 220 VAC Adapter
E60—0012 Batteries, 3 VDC ea. (2 required)
E60—0009 Batteries, 15 VDC ea. (4 required)
SWC—1 RexLab™ Software w/ Cable
RSP—1 RS—232C Printer
SPCP—1 SPC Printer
DHC—1 Hardness Center w/ Cable
DAA—1 Audio Attachment
G03—0018 RS—232C Data Cable for PC
G03—0019 MTI Data Cable
G13—0034 BCD Data Cable
G03—0034 RS—232C Data Cable for SPC Printer