Product Description

The Rex® DD—3 and MS—3 Digital Durometers feature a variety of options designed to span the spectrum of utility from improving productivity in fast paced production laboratories to accommodating the rigorous requirements of R&D efforts. All are designed to improve your bottom line… Quality!

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The Rex® DD—3 Digital Durometer audio attachment alerts the technician to out—of—tolerance test determinations.
This can greatly reduce error in high volume, fast paced testing laboratories.

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The Rex® DD—3 Digital Durometer SPC printer provides real—time print outs of SPC data. The printed analysis includes:

  • Hi/Lo tolerances;
  • Min/Max values;
  • Range;
  • Standard Deviation;
  • Histogram;
  • Date and Time.

It may also be used to collect SPC data for later uploading to a PC.

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Part NumberDescription
G11—0012 110 VAC Adapter
G11—0014 220 VAC Adapter
E60—0012 Batteries, 3 VDC ea. (2 required)
E60—0009 Batteries, 15 VDC ea. (4 required)
SWC—1 RexLab™ Software w/ Cable
RSP—1 RS—232C Printer
SPCP—1 SPC Printer
DHC—1 Hardness Center w/ Cable
DAA—1 Audio Attachment
G03—0018 RS—232C Data Cable for PC
G03—0019 MTI Data Cable
G13—0034 BCD Data Cable
G03—0034 RS—232C Data Cable for SPC Printer