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The Asker® Durometer Type JC is a Japanese Industrial Standard. It is suited for measurement of material whose hardness is above that of 70 JA. Incorporating an “JA” style indentor and a 4500 gf spring, it is suited for the hardness measurement of a wide range of materials, from rigid elastomers to harder plastics. Please note that although the spring force of a “JC” is slightly less than that of a D2240 Type C, most test results are very similar.

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Standards Compliance: JIS K 6253
Indicator: Scale: 0—100 | Sweep: 265º | Resolution: 1 point
Presser Foot: JC: 44 x 18 mm Rectangle | JCL: 10 mm Diameter
Indentor: Extension: 2.54 mm | 35º Frustrum Cone | 1.27 mm Diameter
Spring Force: 4500 gf
Weight: 200 g
Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 76 mm

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Please refer to the Asker® Durometer Selection Guide comprehensive information on the model variations and to select the durometer to best suit your specific application.

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Asker® Model Description
Model JA: Standard Design
Model JAX: Maximum Indicating Hand
Model JAL: Extended Presser Foot
Model JALX: Max Hand & Extended Foot
Model JC: Standard Design
Model JCX: Maximum Indicating Hand
Model JCL: Extended Presser Foot
Model JCLX: Max Hand & Extended Foot

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