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The Asker® DD—2 Series Digital Durometers feature a large digital LCD display that is capable of “peak” and “timed” display holding capabilities. The adjustable timer provides the acquisition of durometer readings at customer defined specifications or those of myriad domestic and international standards.

The high quality solid state circuitry provides a reduced need for maintenance associated with mechanical style durometers. Higher precision is attained by the incorporation of a LVDT, which more accurately detects the position of the indentor than its analog counterparts.

The Asker® DD—2 Series Digital Durometers may be operated either directly on AC current, either as a hand held instrument, or on a CL—10 or CL—150 operating stand. They may also be used remotely on rechargeable battery power.

The DD—2 also features BCD Parallel—TTL Level output to the PRT—4 printer (shown at right), an option which provides recording of individual determinations, pass / fail tolerances, and basic mean / median calculations of a test series.

Please refer to the Asker® Durometer Selection Guide for the durometer model, type and scale to suit your specific application.

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DD—2 Model: C2
Spring Force @ 0 (g):55
Spring Force @ 100 (g): 455
Force:± 0.1% of Full Scale
Indentor Extension (mm): 2.54
Indentor Configuration:5.08 mm Sphere
Presser Foot:44 x 18 mm
LCD Display0.0 — 100.0 in 0.1 Point Increments
Data Output:BCD Parallel TTL Level
Dimensions (mm):101 (Height) x 78 (Width) x 40 (Depth)
Weight (g):535
Power Required:Power Required:

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