Product Description

CCSi features this high quality Footwear Compression Set Apparatus for the determination of compression set under constant force. It is similar in function and design to the apparatus described in ASTM D395 “Standard Test Methods for Rubber Property — Compression Set”, as applicable in Method A. However, it varies in the application of total force.

The inherently universal design allows the Model HT8356 to be used for testing the compression set (under constant force) of a wide variety of materials. The total applied force is variable from 5 to 180 kgf and well suited for footwear applications.

This Footwear Compression Set Apparatus is designed to fit easily in most larger laboratory ovens and ozone chambers. The high quality, jeweled movement, dial gauge is not affected by standard, moderately subnormal, or slightly elevated test temperatures and may be removed for more extreme temperature tests.

The critical components (specimen contact surfaces) are hard chrome plated to resist the corrosive effects of most commonly encountered materials.

Hung Ta™ Footwear Compression Set Apparatus Model HT8356: Specifications Fill 118 Copy 1 Created with Sketch.
Load:5 — 180 kgf, 49 N — 1.8 kN, 11 — 400 lbf
Dial Indicator:0.01 — 50 mm (available in inch units by request)
Disk Plates:6 Each, 100 mm Ø
Stroke:100+ mm
Dimensions (Ø x H):300 Ø x 600 mm (11.8 Ø x 23.6 inch)
Net Weight:15 kg (31 lb.)

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