CCSi WebSite User's Guide: Categories & Organization
The CCSi WebSite is organized into the following 8 categories, each appearing in the navigation window on the left:
 Instrument Catalogue : The Instrument category contains those products which are used to perform physical tests on specimens which have previously been prepared.
 Equipment Catalogue : The Equipment category contains those products which are used to prepare and condition test specimens for physical testing.
 Featured Products & Bulletins : The Product Bulletins category contain updates to published information and also feature newly introduced products.
 ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration & Service : This describes the calibration, repair & maintenance service which is offered by CCSi ... we service what we sell!
 TechNotes & TechInfo : The Technical Information category contains articles regarding testing methodologies and procedures as well as information specific to a product category.
 General Information : The General Information category features a standards cross reference, a discussion on searching, and links to the leading Standards Development Organizations (SDOs).
 Company Information : The Company Information category contains the vision and mission of CCSi, legal notifications, useful links, and more.
 CCSi WebSite Search : This is a dedicated and proprietary search of the CCSi website. There are no pop—ups, banners, or advertising.
CCSi User's Guide: Navigation
Each of the Categories on the CCSi WebSite are content oriented and further arranged for ease of navigation:
 +  Select an item from the navigation window to the left;
Each  +  signifies a category that can be expanded. The category may expand to reveal additional levels of access...  ++ ,  +++ , etc.
 •  Choose from the products or topics listed.
Each  •  indicates a page that will open in the information window on the right (this one).
The CCSi product pages contain 3D models, 2D engineering drawings, specifications, and comprehensive written descriptions of the instruments and equipment.
 - , or  -- , etc., closes the category in the navigation window, while  +  selects another;
Choose items from the page menu, located at the top of each page.
CCSi User's Guide: Page Navigation
Located at the top of each page of the CCSi WebSite is an individual page menu to add access, value and usefulness:
 back : Returns to the previously visited page.
 request for quotation (rfq) : This sends a RFQ eMail, using your default email program, directly to CCSi requesting a quotation for the product shown on that page. The eMail recipients and the subject line are pre—coded into the “mailto:” script.
 request for information (rfi) : This sends a RFI eMail, using your default email program, directly to CCSi allowing you to pose a question, or request addition technical information for the product shown on that page. The eMail recipients and the subject line are pre—coded into the “mailto:” script.
  Adobe® PDF Document  download  : This opens the page in a separate window and can be downloaded (saved as a .pdf file to your computer) or printed (on your printer). This requires that Adobe Acrobat Reader® (version 5.0 or above) be installed on your computer. If you do not have it installed, it is available at no charge using this link:
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader® Version 7+
    : This will “bookmark” the page that is being viewed, by adding it to favorites. Please note that this feature is functional when using Microsoft® Internet Explorer, other browsers will not display the “bookmark” option.
 home : Returns to the entrance of the CCSi WebSite.
CCSi User's Guide: Viewing the CCSi WebSite
The CCSi WebSite is optimized for viewing at a screen resolution of 800 x 600 using Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 6.0 (or higher) and Netscape Navigator® version 7.0 (or above). Microsoft Windows® 98, 2000, ME or XP operating systems offer the best environment for viewing our WebSite.
Other screen resolutions, internet browsers, and operating systems will provide satisfactory results, however, unintended appearances and behaviors may result.
The CCSi WebSite also employs:
  1. Frames — Frames are an integral part of the CCSi WebSite, therefore it is imperative to have a “frames capable” internet browser. Frames are not supported by older internet browsers, versions 3.0 and lower.
  2. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) — CSS is not supported by older internet browsers. CSS, being a relatively new technology, is also not fully, or properly, supported by some browsers, therefore Microsoft® Internet Explorer and Netscape® Navigator are recommended.
  3. Java™ — both Java™ scripts and Java™ applets are employed on the CCSi WebSite, it is important that the browser's Java™ capability is enabled. Many internet browsers require that a selection be made in the set—up options, usually found in the “tools” menu of the browser, under “advanced” options.

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