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National Institute of Standards and Technology
NIST Report of Analysis 839.03-03-155
NIST Report of Analysis 839.03-05-168
NIST Report of Analysis 839.03-08-004

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Calibration Certificate 1424.01
Mechanical Testing Certificate 1424.02
National Institute of Standards and Technology American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
CCSi Featured Rubber Testing Instruments & Processing Equipment Catalogue: Site Map
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abrasion and wear resistance  • taber® micro—abrader model 8000

barcol (barber·colman) hardness  • barcol hardness testers (4 models)

buffers, grinders, nickers and notchers  • elastek™ emerson rubber buffer
 • elastek™ specimen nicker for D624

cutters and knives (bulk and sheet)  • elastek™ hot knife foam and rubber cutter
 • elastek™ laboratory rubber bale cutter

dies (astm specimen cutting dies)  • D412 (D454 / D572 / D573 / D865) 

density, mass and specific gravity  • elastek™ grav-i-meter sg

dimensional measurement  • elastek™ D926 digital thickness gauge
 • elastek™ D3767 digital thickness gauge

durometers by asker®  • durometer selection guide

durometers by ptc®  • durometer selection guide
 • astm D2240 type ‘r’: all styles

durometers by rex®  • durometer selection guide
 • SG—5000 ...the outer space gage!
 • special durometer models

durometers by shore®  • durometer selection guide
 • digital: S1™ modular types

durometers for irhd (astm D1415)  • gibitre™ modular irhd durometers
 • hildebrand™ digital micro irhd
 • shore® irhd durometers

elevated and subnormal temperature  • elastek™ ageing oven (test tube type)

environmental chambers & ovens  • hung ta™ forced ventilation oven (ASTM E145 IIA & IIB)

fatigue, failure, fracture and flexure  • elastek™ emerson—ross® flex tester
 • gibitre™ chamber type demattia

immersion, fog, spray and humidity  • hung ta™ salt spray chamber
 • hung ta™ water (solution) bath

molds (astm specimen molds)  • astm D256 charpy & izod methods a e

ozone chambers and accessories  • orec™ ozone chambers
 • orec™ iso/nist service and calibration

plasticity, melt flow and softening point  • elastek™ williams’ plastometer

presses (hydraulic & pneumatic)  • atom™ se (clicker) series presses
 • elastek™ 4 post presses (100+ ton)

rheometers, viscometers & curemeters  • xdr® eXchangeable die rheometer

resilience and rebound  • shore® (bayshore) resiliometer

supplies, consumables & brass tools  • brass laboratory & mold tools

tensile, torsion, elongation and tear  • gibitre™ brittleness point and tr tester
 • hung ta™ tensile tester model 9101

uv, ir and sunlight exposure  • hung ta™ carbon arc chamber

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