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Hung Ta™ Model HT8045C “Direct Display” Environmental Chamber: Description
Hung Ta™ Model HT8045C Direct Display Environmental Chamber Hung Ta™ Instruments
CCSi features this high quality “Benchtop” Environmental Chamber for the conditioning of materials, or performing ageing, processability, and other tests which require a range of subnormal and elevated temperatures, as well as the control of the relative humidity.
The chamber is self-contained and well suited for virtually any research, development, production control, or quality control application.
This model is the “benchtop” version of the Model HT8045B and has the many of the same electrical and mechanical features. However, due to the restrictions of its compact size, it does not have the range of temperature and humidity of the larger model.
Hung Ta™ Model HT8045C Benchtop Environmental Chamber: Features
  1. Balanced temperature & humidity control system;
  2. P.I.D. temperature & humidity controllers;
  3. Independent high, low and 'set point' for temperature with visual alarm;
  4. Independent high, low and 'set point' for humidity with visual alarm;
  5. Special temperature 'Ramp Up' feature after mid-test door opening or test start;
  6. “Shut Down” memory, programs are not lost with power interruptions;
  7. Output for recorder;
  8. “Self—Diagnosis” routine;
  9. Single stage refrigeration system;
  10. Hermetically sealed compressor;
  11. Glass observation window as standard equipment;
  12. Interior illumination for improved observation;
  13. Two stainless steel adjustable shelf units;
  14. Variable control of air exchange rate;
  15. High quality '304' stainless cabinet exterior for corrosion protection and ease of maintenance;
  16. Two stainless steel adjustable shelf units;
  17. '304' stainless interior cabinet provides superior durability;
  18. Exclusive high quality 'posi-seal' door seal;
  19. High R Factor polyurethane cabinet insulation;
  20. Welded infrastructure for durability.

  1. Advanced protection features:
    · Refrigeration overload relay;
    · Refrigeration high pressure relay;
    · Air circulation thermal relay;
    · System trouble monitor and alarm.

  1. Available Options:
    · Hi-Temp (150 Cº temperature),
    · Chart recorder.
Hung Ta™ Model HT8045C Benchtop Environmental Chamber: Specifications
Temperature Range: 0 to 85 Cº
Humidity Range: 35 to 95 %RH
Temperature Constancy: ± 1.0 Cº
Humidity Constancy: ± 4 %RH
Temperature Uniformity: ± 1 Cº
Humidity Uniformity: ± 5 %RH
Warm Up Time: —20 to 100 Cº ~35 min
Pull Down Time: 20 to —20 Cº ~45 min
Interior Size (cm): 40 x 40 x 45 (15.75 x 15.75 x 17.72 in.) or 72 liter
Exterior Size (cm): 90 x 80 x 82 (35.43 x 34.50 x 32.28 in.)
Power: 220 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 PH
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