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MetalTek™ Metal Hardness Testers by CCSi
MetalTek™ Rockwell Type Testers
Model Number Description
FR/ET Digital Motorized Twin (R & S)
RAS Analog (Dial Gauge) Mechanical “R”
RASN Analog (Dial Gauge) Mechanical “R”
RASN/B Analog (Dial Gauge) Mechanical Twin (R & B)
RASN/E Digital Motorized “R”
RASN/M Analog (Dial Gauge) Motorized “R”
RASN/T Analog (Dial Gauge) Mechanical Twin (R & S)
PR1 Analog Portable (Clamping Type)
MetalTek™ Vickers Type Testers
Model Number Description
VM50 Vickers Motorized with Optics
MetalTek™ Brinell Type Testers
Model Number Description
B3000—O Brinell Motorized Hydraulic w/ Optics
B3000—H Brinell Motorized Hydraulic w/ Dial gauge
RASN/B Analog (Dial Gauge) Mechanical Twin (R & B)
MetalTek™ Accessories Parts List
Indenters and Penetrators
Part Number Description
MT1198001 Diamond Indentor, 120º, Each
MT1198010 1/16" Ø Steel Ball Indentors (100 count)
MT1198011 1/8" Ø Steel Ball Indentors (100 count)
MT1198012 1/4" Ø Steel Ball Indentors (25 count)
MT1198013 1/2" Ø Steel Ball Indentors (25 count)
Test Block (ASTM E18 Calibrated and Certified)
Part Number Description
MT1198101 Test Block: A Scale, HRA 50—60
MT1198102 Test Block: B Scale, HRB 50—60
MT1198103 Test Block: C Scale, HRC 50—60
MT1198104 Test Block: D Scale, HRD 50—60
MT1198105 Test Block: F Scale, HRF 50—60
MT1198106 Test Block: G Scale, HRG 50—60
MT1198107 Test Block: N Scale, HRN 50—60
MT1198108 Test Block: T Scale, HRT 50—60
Testing Tables
Part Number Description
MT1198215 15 mm Ø Testing Table
MT1198240 40 mm Ø Testing Table
MT1198250 50 mm Ø Testing Table
MT1198270 70 mm Ø Testing Table
MT1198290 200 mm Testing Table
Anvils, Fixtures & Work Supports
Part Number Description
MT1198310 Diamond “Spot” Anvil
MT1198320 “Cylindrical” Anvil
MT1198330 25.4 mm Ø “Eyeball” Anvil
MT1198335 38.0 mm Ø “Eyeball” Anvil
MT1198405 05—25 mm Ø “Gooseneck” Anvil
w/ 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 mm Ø Mandrels
MT1198500 “Jominy End Quench” Fixture
MT1198510 “Gooseneck” #1 Adapter
MT1198520 “Gooseneck” #2 Adapter
MT1198530 “Gooseneck” #3 Adapter
MT1198570 Jack Rest Support: 200 mm Elevation
MT1198575 Jack Rest Support: 300 mm Elevation
MT1198580 VariRest Support: 340 mm Extension
Brinell Accessories
Part Number Description
MT1198900 Brinell Microscope 14x Magnification
MetalTek™ Accessories
MetalTek™ Accessories
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