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MetalTek™ Rockwell Hardness Tester Model PR1
MetalTek™ Portable Model PR1
MetalTek™ Model PR1
MetalTek™ Metal Hardness Testers by CCSi
The MetalTek™ PR1 Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester is lightweight, portable easy to operate and accurate. The PR1 is designed as a convenient means by which to determine Rockwell Hardness readings in situations that do not lend themselves to bench testing.
The PR1 is secured to the work piece by a quality clamping mechanism. It utilizes a mechanical mechanism to apply the major and minor loads. Since the PR1 employs no weights, it may be used in virtually any position.
The PR1 is ideal for testing stacked sheets, rod and tubing in racks and in areas where clearance is limited.
The PR1 employs major loads of 60, 100 and 150 kg and has a maximum height capacity of 110 mm (4.3 in) and a throat capacity of 55 mm (2.2 in).
The PR1 features a “pistol grip” for ease of operation and speed in performing tests.
MetalTek™ Model PR1: Features
The PR1 Portable Model Features Include:
  1. Lightweight Cast Alloy Frame;
  2. Integral Dial Gauges;
  3. Integral Load Mechanism;
  4. Carrying Case;
  5. Instruction Manual;
  6. 2 Rockwell Test Blocks;
  7. Flat Anvil;
  8. “V” Anvil;
  9. 1/16 inch ball indenter;
  10. Diamond indenter.
MetalTek™ Model PR1: Description
MetalTek™ Portable Model PR1
1. Upper Clamp
2. Lower Clamp
3. Support Anvil
4. Adjusting Screws
5. Clamping Knob
6. Penetrator w/ Indentor
7. Penetrator Tightening Screw
8. Weigh Bar
9. Loading Knob
10. Pistol Grip Handle
11. Minor Load Dial Indicator
12. Indicator Seat Support
13. Indicator Seat
14. Major Load / Penetration Indicator
MetalTek™ Model PR1: Direction for Use
 Refer to above diagram for numerical references shown below in red.
  1. Select the appropriate Indenter [6];
  2. Select the appropriate Anvil [3];
  3. Place specimen between Clamp [1] and the Anvil [3];
  4. Secure specimen by rotating the Clamping Knob [5];
  5. Rotate bezel of Minor Load Indicator [11] to “zero”;
  6. Rotate Load Knob [9] to apply 10 kgf Minor Force;
  7. Rotate bezel of Major Load Indicator [14] to “zero”;
  8. Rotate Load Knob [9] to apply Major Force:
· 150 kgf (Diamond Indenter) for HRC (black scale);
· 100 kgf (1/16” Indenter) for HRB (red scale);
· 60 kgf (Diamond Indenter) for HRA (black scale).
  1. Rotate Load Knob [9] to release Major Force;
  2. Read Hardness Value on Penetration Indicator [14];
  3. Rotate Load Knob [9] to release Minor Force;
  4. Remove the specimen.
MetalTek™ Model PR1: Specifications
Model Part Number Maximum Height Capacity Maximum Throat Depth Weight
in. mm in. mm lb. kg
PR1 PR1 4.3 110 2.2 55  3.5   1.6 
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