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MetalTek™ Brinell Hardness Tester Model 3000—O
MetalTek™ Brinell Model 3000-O MetalTek™ Metal Hardness Testers by CCSi
The MetalTek™ Model 3000—O features a hydraulic power pack and control circuit for effortless ease of loading and unloading.
The 3000—O incorporates a front panel mounted optical device having 14x magnification. The ball indentation is projected on the screen and is measured with a micrometer measuring system with 0.01 mm of resolution.
The penetrator and indentor assembly are gimbaled and project the diameter of the ball impression immediately after unloading the test piece.
This provides for improved efficiency by reducing the time required for impression measurement and generates an accurate Brinell Hardness determination.
The MetalTek™ Model 3000—O is ideally suited for the production testing environment and designed specifically to withstand heavy use. It is used to test the Brinell hardness of castings, forgings and flat, round or irregularly shaped metal specimens of all types.
Proven Performance!
MetalTek™ is a recognized leader in hardness testing. Researchers, design engineers, production and quality assurance specialists have appreciated MetalTek's experience in instrumentation design, standards and hardness testing for precision instruments that provide repeatable, error free testing. The defining difference is service!
Serving Industry Since 1979
MetalTek™ has maintained Rockwell/Brinell hardness testing standards at the widely recognized FIE Research Institute since 1979. These are standards established and certified by various national and international standards organizations, not by proprietary unregulated manufacturer's! All MetalTek™ testers fully conform to most national and international standards, thereby assuring the user of the most truly precise instruments available!
  1. Precision for QA/QC applications,
  2. Meets ASTM E—10, BSI 240 & ISO 2881.
  1. Powder coat finish;
  2. Constructed for production testing;
  3. Quality hydraulic system;
  4. Quality integral optics;
  5. Precision ground bushings;
  6. Anti—friction linear bearings;
  7. High quality cast iron frame.
  1. A cost effective hardness testing solution;
  2. Competitive price... Advanced features;
  3. A wide range of affordable standard accessories;
  4. Service and Support by qualified technicians;
  5. Quick Response... Accessible Personnel!
MetalTek™ Brinell Model 3000—O Specifications
Model: Bench Type, Hydraulic, Optical
Loads: 500 — 3000 kgf
Incremental Loads: 250 kgf
Display: Integrated Optical Device
Optical Device: Direct Reading 14x Magnification
Vertical Capacity: 380 mm (15 in.)
Throat Depth: 200 mm (7.87 in.)
Net Weight: 500 kg (1102 lb.)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 670 x 650 x 1185 mm (26.4 x 25.6 x 46.7 in.)
Power: 415 VAC, 50 Hz, 3 PH, 1/3 HP MOTOR
Conforms To: ASTM E10; BS EN ISO 6506; ISO 6506
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MetalTek™ Brinell Model 3000—O Standard Accessories
Quantity Description
1 200 mm Ø Testing Table
1 70 mm Ø “V” Groove Stage
1 5 mm Penetrator (with 1 ball)
1 10 mm Penetrator (with 1 ball)
1 HB 5/750 Test Block
1 HB 10/3000 Test Block
4 Allen Spanners
1 Telescoping Protection Sleeve
1 Operators Manual

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