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Hung Ta™ Izod Impact Tester Model HT8041B
Hung Ta™ Instruments Izod Impact Tester Hung Ta™ Instruments
CCSi features provides this reliable, direct reading Izod Impact Tester for the determination of the resistance of plastics and metals to breakage by flexural shock as indicated by the energy extracted from a cantilever beam apparatus employing a pendulum-type hammer.
The test requires specimens made with a milled notch, hence the test is often referred to as the “notched bar impact test”. In the Izod Test (ASTM D256 Methods A, C, D and E and ASTM E23) test, the notch produces a stress concentration which promotes a brittle, rather than a ductile, fracture.
“The notch in the Izod specimen serves to concentrate the stress, minimize plastic deformation and direct the fracture to the part of the specimen behind the notch. Scatter in energy-to-break is thus reduced.”
(ASTM D256, Section 1, Note 2.)
The results are reported in terms of energy absorbed per unit of specimen width, or more specifically, the energy absorbed in breaking the specimen which is equal to the difference between the potential energy at the moment of impact and the residual energy.
Hung Ta™ Izod Impact Tester Model HT8041B: Specifications
Model HT8041B- 50 30 17 10 5 1.5 0.1 0.05 0.03 0.015
Capacity: (kgf/m) 50 30 17 10 5  
Capacity: (kgf/cm)   150 100 50 30 15
Distance: (mm) 1 1322 1250 1220 600 600 400 400 310
Radius: (mm) 1 mm
(Radius of Hammer knife edge)
0.8 mm
(Radius of Hammer knife edge)
Angle: (degrees) 75º
(Angle of Hammer knife edge)
Lift Angle: (degrees) 2 60º 90º 150º
Hammer Mass: (kg) 110 90 40 11.5 2.6 1.8 1.3
Hammer Velocity: (m/sec) 3 3.6 3.5 3.4 3.8 3.35
Dimensions: (W x D mm) 900x2600 650x1400 350x1400 500x750 380x580 320x500
Dimensions: (Height mm) 3000 2200 1900 1400 790 650
Weight: (kg) 600 400 300 200 180 70 65 50
1 Distance in mm between hammer axis center and strike point.
2 Lift angle of hammer in degrees (approximate).
3 Velocity in m/sec of hammer at moment of impact (approximate).
Standard Accessories:
  1. 1 each, 12.7 mm Square Gage;
  2. 1 each, Level Adjusting Screw Set;
  3. 1 each, Energy Chart;
  4. 1 each, Hex Wrench;
  5. 1 each, Dust Cover.
Optional Accessories:
  1. Digital Indicator,
  2. Printer (requires digital indicator),
  3. Hung Ta™ Charpy & Izod Sample Milling Notcher Model HT8124A.
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Index Terms: ASTM, D256, D4508, D4812, D6110, E23, Izod impact; notch sensitivity; notched specimen, reverse notch impact, 29.035.20, electrical insulating solids, plastics (general), tension (tensile) properties/tests-plastics, tensile-impact energy to break plastics/electrical materials, D1822M, breaking energy, cantilever impact, chip impact strength, impact plastics, impact testing, microcracks, pendulum, plastics, small specimen impact, weathered impact strength, 83.080.01, cantilever beam, impact resistance, plastic molding, unnotched, charpy impact, notched specimen, charpy test, fracture appearance, Izod test, impact test, notched specimens, pendulum machine, 77.040.10.
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