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BFGoodrich Flexometer Model II™
BFGoodrich Flexometer Model II™ BFGoodrich Instruments
The BFGoodrich Flexometer was first introduced in the 1930s as a laboratory instrument used to study the heat generation and fatigue properties of elastomers. The instrument, with very few changes, continues to be widely used for durability testing of elastomeric materials in dynamic compression.
“An all new design and a method for dynamic mechanical measurements from a traditional rubber testing instrument.”
The BFGoodrich Flexometer Model II™ represents an improvement over previous models by incorporating sensors to gauge dynamic load and strain. These sensors, interfaced to a PC for control, data acquisition and analysis, provide accurate measurements of fundamental dynamic mechanical properties, e.g., E', E'' and tan ­, of elastomeric compounds in static and dynamic compression.
BFGoodrich Flexometer Model II™: Specifications
Main Console (W x L x H): 760 x 610 x 1200 mm
(30 x 24 x 48 in.)
Electrical Service: 110 — 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 PH, 20 Amp
220 VAC, 50 Hz Optional
Operating Frequency: 5 — 40 Hz
Static Load: 0 — 50 kg (0 — 110 lb.)
Dynamic Stroke: 0 — 8.25 MM (0 — 0.325 in.)
Temperature: 23 — 110 C░ (73 — 230 F░)
Net Weight: 250 kg (550 lb.) w/o PC
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BFGoodrich Flexometer Model II™: Features
  1. Meets all requirements of ASTM D623 “Standard Test Methods for Rubber Property — Heat Generation and Flexing Fatigue in Compression”;
  2. Compact design featuring vibration isolation;
  3. Direct drive provides precision speed control and eliminates the noise and maintenance associated with belt drive testers;
  4. Simplified stroke adjustment employing an integral dial indicator;
  5. Patented ball bearing pivot point reduces knife wear and vibration;
  6. Oven design incorporates a precision P.I.D. temperature controller;
  7. External thermocouple probe for measuring and recording internal test specimen temperature on test completion;
  8. Integral load cell and dynamic linear displacement transducer for accurate dynamic mechanical measurements;
  9. Dynamic compression transducer on load beam.
  10. Computerized data acquisition system featuring:
  11. Real time graphical display of temperature and compression,
  12. Data storage for easy retrieval and rescaling,
  13. Comparative plotting of multiple tests,
  14. On—line operating instructions;
  15. On—line calibration of sensors;
  16. Microsoft® Windows Operating System
BFGoodrich Flexometer Model II™: Printouts of Test Results
Heat Generation Test
Heat Generation Test, Comparative Plotting
“Blowout” Test
“Blowout” Test, Comparative Plotting
Dynamic Mechanical Testing at Different Temperatures

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