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ElasTek™ GraV—i—Meter Specific Gravity Testers
ElasTek™ GraV-i-Meter (Appearance May Vary)
Appearance of actual item may vary.
ElasTek™ Testing Instruments by CCSi
CCSi features the ElasTek™ GraV-i-Meter for evaluating the specific gravity (SG), which is regarded as the relative density, through the comparative measurement of the specimen's mass in air and water ... the “hydrostatic method” ... as described in ASTM D297 Part 16 Standard Test Methods for Rubber Products-Chemical Analysis and ISO 2781, as well as ASTM D792 Standard Test Methods for Density and Specific Gravity (Relative Density) of Plastics by Displacement.
ElasTek™ GraV-i-Meter: Features
  1. Accurately Weigh to a Target Weight:
    • When used as a standard balance, the display interval adjusts automatically according to the pouring speed.
    • During a rapid pour, the weight value in the display is updated as rapidly as 14 times a second.
    • When pouring is complete, the balance operates in the average mode to deliver the most accurate result possible.
  2. Accurately Weigh to the Last Decimal Place:
    •The internal resolution is 10% of the display resolution. The internal value is rounded to provide a precise last digit. In addition, a center zero mark appears when the display reads zero and when the internal value is within 25% of the display resolution.
  3. Spacious Weighing Compartment
  4. Superior Draft & Vibration Resistance:
    • Load averaging time is automatically adjusted to provide a stable display. This assures accuracy despite vibrations or drafts.
  5. Top & Two Sided Compartment Access.
  6. Warm-Up Standby Circuit:
    • No warm up is needed as long as the balance is plugged in. A green standby light indicates that the balance is ready for use as soon as the power switch is turned on.
  7. Accurate Span Calibration:
    • Hold the tare button down for 5 seconds, place the calibration mass on the pan, and within a few seconds the calibration is complete!
  8. Automatic Calibration Testing:
    • If calibration is attempted with an improper weight, the display will return to the normal weighing mode. This eliminates the possibility of faulty calibration.
  9. Overload Protection:
    • The precise weighing mechanism is automatically protected from inadvertent mass overloads by the unique “standoff” internal design.
  10. Power Failure Protection:
    • In the event of a loss of power to the balance, all segments of the display are held until power is restored, then displayed. Pressing the tare button returns the balance to normal operation.
ElasTek™ GraV—i—Meter: Specifications
Model: SG33 SG32
Capacity: 330 g
Readability: 1 mg 10 mg
Resolution: 0.000 0.00
Taring Range: Full Scale
Standard Deviation: 1 mg 6 mg
Linearity: ± 2 mg ± 10 mg
Averaging Time: Automatic
Display Speed: 70 ms
Operating Temperature: 5 — 40 Cº
Temperature Induced Drift" ± 3 ppm/Cº ± 10 ppm/Cº
Pan Diameter: 110 mm (4.33 in.)
Power Requirements: 100/117, 220/240 ± 10% VAC 50/60 Hz
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ElasTek™ GraV—i—Meter: Standard Components & Options
ElasTek™ GraV-i-Meter Standard Components & Options
The SG Series Specific Gravity Testers include the component parts shown above. The storage container houses the parts in individual compartments. The parts may be ordered separately in the event of loss or damage. When ordering, please refer to the individual parts by name.
ElasTek™ GraV-i-Meter Optional Printer Model EP — 60
Printer Model EP—60
ElasTek™ GraV-i-Meter Optional Interface
RS—232C Interface Model IFB—102
The Electronic Printer connects directly to the balance using the DIN 8P connector located in the rear of the unit. It performs tare, percentage display, gram conversion and many other functions. It also prints out the test results in alphanumeric format. The printer includes an AC adapter and cables. The IFB—102 connects directly to the balance using the DIN 8P connector located in the rear of the unit. It receives commands for tare, data printout, autoprint, continuous output of stabilized signals, signal output suspension, percentage display, and % to gram conversion, total auto memory and zeroing functions.

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