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BFGoodrich Dynamic Stress Relaxometer, DSR™
BFGoodrich Dynamic Stress Relaxometer - DSR™ BFGoodrich Instruments
The BFGoodrich Dynamic Stress Relaxometer represents a unique concept for process control in the rubber industry. The DSR™ was developed by BFGoodrich scientists in the 1970s for the quality and processability assessment of unfilled polymers and rubber compounds.
“Quality control of rubber manufacturing by fundamental viscoelastic properties.”
The DSR™ was originally conceived as a production tool and designed to be durable, simple to operate and, above all, provide meaningful data very rapidly. Recent advances in the treatment of DSR™ data have resulted in a production instrument that yields research quality viscoelastic information on virtually any elastomer.
BFGoodrich Dynamic Stress Relaxometer: Specifications
Electrical service: 110—120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 PH
Compressed air: 5.5 Bar (80 psi~)
Ancillary equipment: • Compaq computer
• SVGA color monitor
• HP color plotter
• Epson printer
Shear Relaxation Modulus: 1.4 x 103 — 5.8 x 106 dynes/cm2
Torque: 0.1 — 400 lb/in
Relaxation time: 0.04 — 400 s
Temperature range: Ambient — 200 Cº
Fixtures: Serrated concentric cones
Rotor Displacement: 0.5, 1 or 2º (selectable)
Displacement time: 0.004 s
Sample thickness: .01 or 0.25 in (selectable)
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BFGoodrich DSR™ Program 1 Data Output
Tm : Maximum torque after deformation
t : First time constant
t2 : Second time constant
ti — (Tm / ei) : Time constant definition
Sigma 2 : 2 s interval of relaxing torque
Date / Time : Date and time of test
Temperature : Test temperature
Comments : Alpha—numeric comment field
Average : Averages of data
Standard Deviation : Standard Deviation of data
Batches : Number of batches tested
Program 1 data can be archived, analyzed for trends, averages, standard deviation, specification limits, etc., or printed or plotted (software available).
BFGoodrich DSR™ Program 3 Plotted Data: G(t); G', G" and h*
G(t) (dyn/cm²) : Shear stress relaxation modulus v. time
G' : Shear storage modulus
G" : Shear loss modulus
Complex viscosity : h* (poise)
Data : Plotted (log — log) or tabular
Program 3 data can be archived and compared with user selectable criteria (10 user defined parameters). Up to 10 plots can be constructed for comparative analysis.
BFGoodrich DSR™ Printout and Plots of Test Results
Program 1: Data Output
Program 3: Frequency Dependent Viscoelastic Properties
Program 3: Shear Stress Relaxation v. Time

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