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BYK-Gardner™ ‘Scrub’ Abrasion Tester Model AG-8100: Description
Model AG-8100 Scrub Abrasion Tester BYK-Gardner
The applications of the Model AG-8100 ‘Scrub’ Abrasion Tester are virtually limitless! Coated and uncoated surfaces are tested for resistance to abrasion caused by a brush, sponge, or other material, as well as resistance to soiling or for ease of cleaning.
Examples of test surfaces are interior and exterior paints, wall coverings, carpets, rugs, floor coverings, fiberglass bathroom fixtures, upholstery fabrics, automotive and furniture polishes.
Other applications include testing the efficiency of cleansing agents, such as detergents and cleaners, and testing the durability of an abrading or cleaning device, such as scouring pads, scrub brushes, etc.
Examples of a few applicable test methods are:
  1. ASTM D1792: Standard Test Method for Long—Term Removability Properties of Emulsion Floor Polishes;
  2. ASTM D2198: Standard Test Method for Stain Removal From Multicolor Lacquers;
  3. ASTM D2486: Standard Test Methods for Scrub Resistance of Wall Paints;
  4. ASTM D3206: Standard Test Method for Soil Resistance of Floor Polishes;
  5. ASTM D3450: Standard Test Method for Washability Properties of Interior Architectural Coatings.
BYK-Gardner™ ‘Scrub’ Abrasion Tester Model AG-8100: Features
  1. Reciprocating linear motion at 37 ± 1 cycles per minute;
  2. Utilization of sponge, brush or abrasive paper (supplied);
  3. Meets ASTM D2486 when appropriate accessories are used;
  4. Constant speed over a 10 inch (254 mm) travel;
  5. Completely enclosed electrical and mechanical components allows for wet or dry tests;
  6. Pre-set countdown counter with automatic shut-off and standard cycle counter;
  7. Heavy duty drive system;
  8. Long life and low maintenance requirements;
  9. Standard 115 VAC, 60 Hz, Single Phase, 230 VAC option available.
BYK-Gardner™ ‘Scrub’ Abrasion Tester Model AG-8100: Accessories
Model AG-8100 Brushes and Holder
Part Number Description
AG-8110 Brush Holder and Mat (Required for ASTM D2486)
AG-8111 Hog Bristle Brush (Non-perforated)
AG-8112 Nylon Brush (Required for ASTM D2486)
AG-8113 Hog Bristle (Perforated for ANSI Method Z 124.1)
AG-8115 1 Sponge Holder (Similar to the Brush Holder, 760 x 950 mm)
AG-8116 1 Sponge (Used with the Brush Holder, for sponge abrasion tests)
AR-8129 1 Scrub Medium, Abrasive 1 Pint (Required for ASTM D2486)
AR-8130 1 Scrub Medium, Non-Abrasive 1 Pint (Required for ASTM D2486)
AG-8119 1 Liquid Container w/ Mounting Stand (1200 ml for dispensing liquid media)
1 Indicates that the item is not pictured.
Model AG-8100 Clamps and Frame
Part Number Description
AG-8120 Lilly Frame (Adjustable width, required for ASTM D2486, confines liquid media)
AG-8121 1 Frame (Similar to Lilly Frame, fixed width, confines liquid media)
AG-8122 1 Brass Shim (Required for ASTM D2486, for attaching glass test plate under scrub panel)
AG-8128 1 Steel Cable Set (Replacement Part)
AG-8135 1 Sample Pan (Replacement Part)
1 Indicates that the item is not pictured.
BYK-Gardner™ ‘Scrub’ Abrasion Tester Model AG-8100: Specifications
Power Required: Model AG-8100: 115 VAC
Model AG-8101: 230 VAC
Dimensions (L x W x H): 800 x 200 x 370 mm (31.5 x 8.0 x 14.5 inch)
Weight: Net: 21 kg (45 lb.)
Shipping: 22 kg (48 lb.)
Export: 30 kg (65 lb.)
Power Cables: 1 each: 115 VAC & 230 VAC
Sample Pan: 1 each
Operating Instructions: 1 set (English)
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