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ElasTek™ Mechanical Rubber (Arbor Type) Press: Description
ElasTek™ Economical Mechanical Arbor Press ElasTek™ Products by CCSi
This mechanical rubber press is a high quality, economical, extremely durable, forged iron arbor press that is perfect for use as a dedicated rubber or plastic test specimen die cutter. Realize true savings in both precious preparation time and wear on expensive specimen cutting dies caused by improper attachment.
Configured as a single function cutter, this bench-top rubber press uses a minimum of space and is ideally suited for placing next to the test instrument work station. The technician may take the test pieces to the test station, die—cut the test specimens and perform the tests!
The savings in station—to—station specimen preparation, reduced die wear, mis—identified specimens, coupled with improved productivity will repay the investment in this arbor press many times over!
Mounting adapters for rubber or plastic specimen cutting dies that are currently in service are available at a nominal cost. These high quality, precision “quick change” adapters also allow for multiple die use and assure a reliable true connection at every die change.
Specimen cutting dies of standard or custom designs are available from CCSi. The pricing and specifications are enumerated on the Test Specimen Cutting Dies pages.
ElasTek™ Mechanical Rubber (Arbor Type) Press: Specifications & Price
Part Number Stroke Weight Ram Size Ratio
 in.   mm   lb.   kg   in.²   mm² 
ET554 4.50 114 21.6 9.8 0.75 19 20:1
ET555 5.25 133 35 15.6 1.00 25 20:1
ET559 8.50 216 95.5 43.3 1.25 32 25:1
ET558 12.75 324 150 68.2 1.50 38 20:1
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ElasTek™ Molded Poly Cutting Blocks for Rubber & Plastics Die Cutting
ElasTek™ Molded Cutting Blocks Specifications
Size: 152.4 x 457.2 x 25.4 mm (6 x 18 x 1 in.)
(Other Sizes Available)
Hardness: Shore D 70
(Other Hardnesses Available)
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