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ElasTek™ Cure Meter Dies & Rotors
ElasTek™ Products by CCSi ElasTek™ Curemeter Dies and Rotors by CCSi
Part Number Description
CDO126 MV2000, Lower Die
CDO127 MV2000, Upper Die
CTR562 MV2000, Large Rotor
CTR563 MV2000, Small Rotor
CDO118 ODR2000, Lower Die
CDO119 ODR2000, Upper Die
CAR177 ODR2000, R100, R100S,TM100 Rotor
CAP108 R100S, R100, TM100 Lower Die
CDO112 R100S, R100, TM100 Upper Die (Solid)
CAP039 Mooney, Upper Die (M1200—M1500)
CAP040 Mooney, Lower Die (M1200—M1500)
CAR050 Mooney, Large Rotor (M1200—M1500)
CAR051 Mooney, Small Rotor (M1200—M1500)
XDR200213 Rheometer (XDR/ODR) Rotor, Heated
XDR200207 Rheometer (XDR/ODR) Rotor, Bulbous
XDR200111 Rheometer (XDR/ODR) Upper Die
XDR200110 Rheometer (XDR/ODR) Lower Die
XDR200104 Viscometer (XDR/Mooney) Upper Die
XDR200103 Viscometer (XDR/Mooney) Lower Die
XDR200210 Viscometer (XDR/Mooney) Large Rotor
XDR200209 Viscometer (XDR/Mooney) Small Rotor
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ElasTek™ Cure Meter Rotor Shaft Seals
ElasTek™ Products by CCSi ElasTek™ CureMeter Shaft Seals by CCSi
Part Number Description
CAR031 Mooney Seal (Rotor to Lower Die) Viton®, 50 Pack
CAR236 Rheometer Seal (Rotor to Lower Die) Teflon, 50 Pack
CTR449 MV2000 Seal (Rotor to Lower Die) Viton®, 50 Pack
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Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers
ElasTek™ Rheometer Replacement Parts 1
ElasTek™ CureMeter Replacement Parts by CCSi ElasTek™ Products by CCSi
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1 The parts listed above are a small representation of those readily or immediately available! CCSi inventories and sources a wide range of instrument parts... please e—mail if you have other requirements or questions.

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