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RheoMaster™ Data Acquisition & Control System: Description
RheoMaster Data Acquisition & Control System RheoMaster Data Acquisition & Control Systems by CCSi
The RheoMaster™ computerized data acquisition system is designed to acquire, store, display and report test data from any combination of 4 Rheometer or Mooney Viscometer testing instruments, simultaneously, as described in ASTM D2084, D1646, & E1579.
RheoMaster™ utilizes a GUI (graphical user interface) with mouse and keyboard input, operating in a Microsoft Windows environment. It is equipped with a modem for remote factory troubleshooting and support.
RheoMaster™ is a Pentium® PC based system with specifically designed A to D I/O capabilities and logic interfaces incorporated.
RheoMaster™ is known as a truly advanced R&D tool and has a proven history in the rugged production control environment. Imagine a system dedicated to batch monitoring 4 instruments, operated by a single technician, while data is stored and the reports printed! The technician is alerted to a test parameter failures by a bright flashing yellow alert message on the monitor! Quality Is Assured.
RheoMaster™ requires less initial investment than 4 new chart recorders, requires less maintenance, provides greater reliability, allows for easier data storage and retrieval, and is far easier to operate than its chart recorder counterparts.
The original RheoMaster™ System is currently undergoing revision, it will be re—introduced as RheoMaster™ 2000. It will have upgrades similar to those of the OvenMaster™ 2000.
RheoMaster™ Data Acquisition & Control System: Features
RheoMaster™ Displayed Test Data:
  1. Real Time Torque Curves;
  2. Real Time Upper & Lower Die Temperature Plots;
  3. Unit Number;
  4. Sample Identification;
  5. Temperature Set Point;
  6. Test Date & Time;
  7. Pass/Fail Parameters;
  8. Instrument Status.
RheoMaster™ Reported Test Data:
  1. Cure Plot;
  2. Temperature Set Point;
  3. Upper & Lower Die Temperature Plots;
  4. Preset Calculated Data Points;
  5. Date & Time;
  6. User Defined Parameters;
  7. Test & Specimen Identification Information.
Detailed information on the RheoMaster™ specifications, computer program features, and technical data may be obtained by sending an e—mail to CCSi TechInfo.

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