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ElasTek™ Hot Knife/Groover: Description
ElasTek™ Hot Knife for Cutting Rubber and Plastic ElasTek™ Products by CCSi
The QC Hot Knife is a state-of-the-art, hand held, hot cutting, shaping and grooving tool!
This hot knife simplifies and eases the cutting of expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XEPS), polyethylene (PE), cross—linked polyethylene, polypropylene (PP), polyurethane (PU), foamed plastic, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), and many other similar materials.
The QC Hot Knife eliminates the “snow shower” of foam beads, or crumbs, typically associated with other cutting tools, making clean and precise cuts.
It also features a unique patented “pulsing current” technology which heats the blade evenly and accurately, without overheating the handle.
ElasTek™ Hot Knife: Features
  1. Heats to 600 Fº (316 Cº) in 5 seconds;
  2. Convenient 120 VAC, 1 Ampere, 130 Watt power;
  3. Ergonomic 2 inch “pistol grip” handle design;
  4. Compact 10.5 inch length;
  5. Light weight (2 lb.);
  6. Handle stays cool while cutting;
  7. Fast, clean cuts, leaves no bead dust or crumbs;
  8. Special alloy blades stay sharp and straight;
  9. Positive locking feature secures blade;
  10. 16 Point temperature control thumb switch;
  11. Trigger on—off switch;
  12. Patented “pulsing current” technology;
  13. 10 foot (3.1 m) non—twisting rubber cord;
  14. Parts are available individually;
  15. Available in a 'starter kit'.
Scroll Guide
ElasTek™ Hot Knife Scroll Guide
ElasTek™ Hot Knife Bendable Blade Material ElasTek™ Hot Knife Groove Sled
Bendable Blade Material Groove Sled
ElasTek™ Hot Knife for Cutting Rubber and Plastic ElasTek™ Hot Knife Straight Blades
Straight Blades
The “Starter Kit” includes:
  1. QC Hot Knife;
  2. 6 inch Groove Sled;
  3. Scroll Guide;
  4. 4 inch Straight Blade;
  5. 6 inch Straight Blade;
  6. V—blade;
  7. Leather and Canvas Storage Bag;
ElasTek™ Hot Knife: Model & Pricing Information
Part Number Description
QC750 Hot Knife Starter Kit
QC750SLD6 6 inch Groove Sled
QC750SLD12 12 inch Groove Sled
QC750SCRL Scroll Guide
QC750SB42 4 inch Straight Blade (2 pack)
QC750SB62 6 inch Straight Blade (2 pack)
QC750SBM812 8 inch Bendable Straight Blade (12 pack)
QC750SBM83 8 inch Bendable Straight Blade (3 pack)
QC750SBM123 12 inch Bendable Straight Blade (3 pack)
QC750SBM128 12 inch Bendable Straight Blade (8 pack)
QC750SBM163 16 inch Bendable Straight Blade (3 pack)
QC750SBMR24 24 foot Roll Bendable Straight Blade
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